OpenCart Multi-Seller marketplace is an online shopping platform where world-wide sellers/ vendors come together to sell their products/services in exchange for some commission fees. Customers prefer to shop from Marketplace as they everything they are looking for at a single platform. The three main pillars of Multi-Vendor Marketplace are vendors, owners and buyers.

In an OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace, not only a customer but both sellers and admin gets benefitted in a number of ways. At a Multi-Seller Marketplace, sellers get the privilege to serve the wide audience of Marketplace. Similarly, a store owner doesn’t always need to keep a check on the inventory/stock as they are listed by the individual vendors at the Marketplace. Though from the admin dashboard an OpenCart Marketplace admin can track and manage all the inventories, orders, reviews, shipping etc. Website development, maintenance and mobile app development all are totally under the control of store admin.

Seller profiles, inventories listed, order monitoring, category request etc are done by sellers from the seller dashboard. To turn your online store into such a fully-featured Marketplace requires a few simple clicks. All you need to do is install the OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace by Knowband and turn your simple online store into a fully-featured like Marketplace. The OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace developed using the module offers Android and iOS mobile apps compatibility.