In an OpenCart Marketplace plugin, the OpenCart Marketplace admin can easily keep an eye on the various activities of the Multi-Seller Marketplace from the backend panel of the store. Using the OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace module, the store admin can enable worldwide vendors to list and sell their goods/ services at the common platform.

OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace module offers sellers an easy way to register their shop. In an OpenCart Marketplace module, customers can even register themselves as sellers. Store admin from the backend of OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace module can easily approve/ reject the account registration request. Once the seller account request is approved, sellers can easily start selling their goods/ services at the OpenCart Marketplace.

Products along with their details like attributes, meta tags, links, inventories etc are submitted by the OpenCart Multi-seller Marketplace sellers from the seller dashboards. OpenCart Marketplace module allows the store admin to monitor the seller products, seller details, seller reviews, orders received at the Marketplace from the admin panel. Seller transactions, earnings, admin earnings, admin commission and the transaction details can easily be tracked by the admin from the backend panel of the store.

Store admin can easily fix the global seller commission or individual seller commission from the backend panel of OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace. Categories to list the products are assigned by the store admin from the admin panel of OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension. A new category request can easily be generated by the sellers to list their products from the frontend of the stores. Once the OpenCart owners approve the new category request, the seller can easily list goods/services in the newly approved category too.

Hopefully, you might have got the clarity of how the OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace and seller management works to boost the sale and the store business. But if you still have any query or doubt, feel free to contact us at [email protected].