In an OpenCart Marketplace module, the store admin can the percentage commission charged to the sellers from the admin panel of the store. The percentage amount of commission pre-set by the OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace admin will be deducted from the seller’s earning. 

The commission earned, total earning, and the seller earning can be easily monitored by the store admin from the admin interface of the OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace plugin. The seller can also view the commission charged from the seller dashboard of OpenCart Marketplace.

OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace module allows the store admin to charge category-level commission. The store owner is given the choice to choose whether the tax be included in the commission or not. OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace owner can charge a fixed commission as well as individual seller commission from the backend of the Marketplace.

Hopefully, you might get the clarity of how the OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace addon and the Commission Management works to boost the sale and the store business. But if you still have any query or doubt, feel free to contact us at [email protected].