Reviews are one of the important factors that influence customer buying decision. A review on the product pages clears many doubts and develops transparency between the buyer and seller. A chance to know about the actual features and benefit from a user who is already using it develops a trust about the product in the customer’s mind. Thus it will not be wrong to say that customer feedback play a crucial role to make the final call about the purchase.

Customers on the OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace can easily send their reviews and ratings from the frontend of the store. In OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace, buyers can share their product and seller reviews. It is usually noticed that a product page with well-shared reviews has an increased chance of conversion rate.

All the customer feedback and ratings are managed and monitored by OpenCart Marketplace admin from the admin panel of the OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace. Reviews can be easily approved or rejected by the Marketplace admin from the admin panel of the OpenCart Marketplace Extension.

All the approved reviews get displayed at the frontend of the OpenCart Marketplace module for the users. Store admin can also enable/ disable the auto-approval option of seller reviews from the backend of the OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace addon. With the auto-approval feature enabled, all the shared feedbacks get automatically displayed at the front-end of the OpenCart Marketplace. 

Hopefully, you might have got the clarity of how the OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace addon review system works to boost the sale and the store business. But if you still have any query or doubt, feel free to contact us at [email protected].