Top 3 reasons that proof selling on eBay marketplace is all about profit

If it’s about making an online purchase, the first thing that comes to mind is eBay marketplace. eBay stands for electronic Bay which was founded in the year 1995. It has become a major online marketplace for both buyers as well as for sellers in different counties and all over the world.

Furthermore, you have a good reason to study the ins and outs of eBay beyond the basics as an eCommerce business. Adding eBay sales to your business might be a very exciting possibility. Indeed, selling on eBay can be beneficial to your business. 

eBay Opencart Integration

Reasons proofing selling on eBay marketplace is beneficial

Reason 1: eBay marketplace helps to reaching a wider audience 

One of the most appealing aspects of eBay is the sheer amount of individuals who can see your items – in the third quarter of 2017, eBay had 168 million active users. Moreover, the existence of your product listings will expose your merchandise to these interesting searches. Also, the existence of your product listings will expose your merchandise to these interesting searches. The existence of your product listings will expose your merchandise to these interesting searches. 

Reason 2: Helps to gain potential clients 

When you sell something on eBay, you have a terrific chance to tell the buyer about your online store. With the right techniques, you may attract them to come to your store and buy directly from you. This results in a return client.

eBay Opencart Integration

Reason 3: eBay marketplace provides the option to sell anything 

On eBay, you may purchase and sell a wide range of goods and services (minus restricted or illegal items, of course). There’s a market for you on eBay, no matter what your niche is. The list goes on and on with books, gadgets, apparel, homemade things, auto components, and so on.

eBay Opencart Integration- smart solution to connect opencart store and eBay marketplace.

Looking for a smarter solution for connecting your store with the eBay marketplace? eBay Opencart Integration is the solution to it. eBay OpenCart Connector helps store merchants to connect their Opencart store with the eBay marketplace. 

eBay Opencart Integration

What are the key benefits of the eBay OpenCart extension?

  1. OpenCart eBay API Integration offers a user-friendly interface.
  2. Provide profile-based product upload provided by the module.
  3. Link opencart store categories to eBay’s categories efficiently. 
eBay Opencart Integration

Functionality of OpenCart eBay Connector Extension 

The API keys must be generated by the OpenCart store admin to set up the eBay OpenCart Integration Module (steps to generate the API key are available in the document).

After configuring the plugin, the admin may control the eBay store listing, inventory, as well as orders from the OpenCart store.

In the End

From listing bulk products on eBay to managing the inventory on eBay from the Opencart store, with OpenCart eBay Connector each activity is possible. Further, being a store admin you can even manage the product amount to be sent on eBay with the help of the plugin. Besides that, you are free to contact the support team in case of installation queries. Knowband offers an installation service with 3 months of support completely free. 

What is Knowband?

KnowBand has years of expertise working with eCommerce websites and offers some of the best plugins for eCommerce systems in the industry. For platforms like Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, and Shopify, we offer the greatest plugins. Furthermore, Knowband also provides bespoke module development and modification services for the website and modules.

To give the greatest as well as efficient post-sale service to customers, Knowband has a dedicated support team. The team is always accessible to assist them when they need it. As a team, Knowband doesn’t shirk responsibilities, even on weekends, when it comes to assisting customers with crucial website issues.

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