How does Opencart back in stock notification module works?

The Opencart back in stock notification module permits store admin to send them back in the stock notice to the clients who have bought in to get an email once the product is back. Furthermore, store admin can send emails regarding low stock to the clients who want to buy in.

Store admin can incorporate Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and Sendinblue email lists to capture clients email addresses. Moreover, this extension allows the store admin to view the list of things clients bought in. Opencart back in stock notification module even allows the store admin to delete any client from the list if required. 

Opencart back in stock notification module features:

  • The online merchant can use this Opencart back in stock notification module for sending email notifications of the product back in stock to those clients who bought.
  • Opencart product stock notification extension allows the store admin to enable privacy policy to show on the front end. Moreover, the extension permit merchants to set the desired URL to the privacy policy text.
  • In OpenCart Back in Stock module, the online clients have an alternative to seeing the bought in the items list. Moreover, store admin can likewise send low stock email notifications to those clients who bought the product.
  • Furthermore, this plugin allows changing the look as well as the feel of the notification box.
  • The OpenCart Back in the Stock module allows the store admin to enter both custom CSS and JS code 
  • The OpenCart Back in the Stock module provides multi-lingual and multi-store support. It is even themed compatible and SSL compatible.
  • Furthermore, store admin can share bought-in items, in-stock, and low-stock updates through email. Furthermore, the store admin can easily edit the content and body of the messages.

How does it work?

  1. The user will be shown a Back in the Stock notification box on the product page when the product is out of stock. Further, customers can include his/her email id to get subscribed to that specific item. 
  2. Once the product has been subscribed it will display to the store merchant. Here, the admin can view the customer details mentioning who and which product has subscribed. Also, it displays the email sent to the customer or not.
  3. Opencart stock alert allows the store admin to run manually or schedule the cron file to send the Back in Stock email. Moreover, the cron file will be automatically sent on the email id of subscribed users of that product. Opencart stock alert allows checking the status of an email i.e. whether the email has been sent or not. This prevents spam.
  4. Opencart stock alert allows the store admin to enable Low Stock Alert functionality. This feature allows the store admin to send Low Stock alerts via Cron file using a similar process.


OpenCart Back in Stock Extension by Knowband is a perfect solution to the issue of out-of-stock issue. This extension helps in increasing the sales of eCommerce stores as it allows the store admin to send mail regarding the status of the product. Knowband OpenCart Back in Stock Extension allows store merchants to send mail if the product is going out of stock. Furthermore, the extension allows store merchants to notify clients regarding the availability of the product stock.

Knowband offers best-in-class modules for different platforms. These modules enhance the functionality of e-commerce stores and provide various other benefits as well. Furthermore, these modules lead to better client engagement and store revenue as well.

Thereforethe Knowband Opencart product stock notification extension suggested to store merchants and store customers. To purchase the product, you can visit

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