Switch to Opencart Etsy Extension if looking for smooth profile creation

Introducing Opencart Etsy Extension by Knowband for managing the product listing, inventory, and orders for the Etsy marketplace. The extension allows you to manage all the operations smoothly from the Opencart admin panel. 

Opencart Etsy Extension

Along with that, OpenCart Etsy Integration Module provides you with a user-friendly interface, helps you upload the bulk products easily, and even allows you to map the attribute of Opencart store products and categories with the Etsy marketplace attributes and category. OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration even allows store merchants to design shipping templates.

How to create a profile for product listing with Opencart Etsy Extension?

Opencart Etsy Extension offers profiles management

In the Etsy OpenCart Integration Extension, the administrator can establish profiles. Furthermore, the store admin can choose the fundamental settings for listing the product with the aid of profile management. The essential steps to create a profile are: mapping the OpenCart store category to the Etsy Marketplace category, selecting the shop section, selecting the auto-renew option, as well as filling out some additional details.

Opencart Etsy Extension

OpenCart Etsy Integration Plugin provides Price Management

Price management is another incredible feature offered by the Etsy OpenCart Integration plugin. This feature of the Opencart Etsy Extension allows admins to put their products on the Etsy marketplace for a different price than the one in their OpenCart store. Furthermore, the Etsy OpenCart Marketplace extension for OpenCart includes the ability to list products based on a fixed or percentage-based higher or lower price.

OpenCart Etsy Integration Plugin provides Attribute Mapping

Opencart Etsy Extension

All OpenCart shop attributes will be automatically synced with the Etsy OpenCart Marketplace Integration module. Furthermore, the Opencart admin will only need to translate these properties to Etsy Marketplace attributes. Furthermore, the Attribute Mapping tab in the Opencart Etsy Extension makes it easy for the shop admin to map the attributes.

How to perform activity from Opencart to Etsy Integration in 4 simple steps?

Setup Etsy Seller Account:

Sellers must first open an Etsy Marketplace seller account. Next, you’ll be asked to complete a registration form. A verification email will be issued after the seller account has been created.

Opencart Etsy Extension

Setup App on Etsy:

To use the OpenCart Etsy Integration extension to establish communication between your OpenCart Store and your Etsy Seller Account, you must first create an Etsy Marketplace App. Further, you can acquire the API details for your app after registering it on Etsy Marketplace. Acquiring API details are necessary to configure the OpenCart Etsy Integration extension. Furthermore, the user manual includes step-by-step instructions for creating an app on Etsy Marketplace.

Install and Configure:

After that, install and set up the module in your store. Further, to configure the module, you must first enter the Etsy API keys.

Start Selling:

You’re now ready to start selling your items on the Etsy marketplace. To begin selling on the Etsy marketplace, the shop administrator must first set up shipping templates, shipping profiles, attribute mapping, and other necessary processes for bulk product uploading using the Etsy OpenCart Integrator extension. Orders from the Etsy marketplace can be linked with the OpenCart store, making it easier for the administrator to handle them.

Opencart Etsy Extension

In the End

The OpenCart Etsy integration module is provided by KnowBand, an eCommerce plugin, and marketplace integration development firm. Also, the Opencart Etsy Marketplace Integrator permits sellers to integrate their store in a few simple steps. Further, in case you find issues with any module, feel free to write to us at [email protected].

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