Features Of eBay OpenCart integration module you must know

The store owners looking for a smart solution to connect their Opencart store with the eBay marketplace must install the eBay OpenCart integration module. Further, this module provides features including user-friendly interface, profile-based product upload, and an easy link of OpenCart store categories to eBay’s categories. Knowband eBay OpenCart Integration module even provides complete management of eBay’s specifics and conditions. Including attributes, features, manufactures, default eBay’s value, and many more values accordingly.

eBay Integration module

eBay Integration module permits adding multiple shipping methods for the eBay store because of the shipping management feature. Moreover, the store merchants can easily manage orders from the OpenCart admin panel. 

Benefits of eBay Marketplace Integration Module

eBay marketplace integration module helps listing products on eBay in bulk easily. OpenCart eBay Connector extension helps to manage inventory on eBay from the Opencart store itself. Using eBay Marketplace Integration, eBay orders can be managed easily. Less or high pricing can be managed on eBay. Using this extension, managed product quantity can be sent on eBay as well.

Features Of eBay OpenCart Integration module

1. Offers Profiles Management Feature

Using the eBay OpenCart Integration Plugin, store merchants can select the basic settings to list the product like – eBay Store selection (country-wise), Currency, Language, Shipping Profile, Product conditions, etc as it comes with the Profile Management feature. Furthermore, this feature allows the OpenCart admin to enter all the required fields for the eBay listing. 

2. eBay OpenCart Integration Plugin Offers Bulk Listing 

Using this extension, the Opencart admin can easily map the OpenCart store category to the eBay Marketplace category. Thus, all the products listed under the OpenCart store category will be uploaded to the most relevant category of the eBay Marketplace. Furthermore, the eBay OpenCart Connector extension offers an easy-to-handle interface to the client. Hence, they can map the OpenCart store category using eBay Marketplace category.

3. Provide Product Description Template

The store admin can use placeholders like – {product_description} {product_id} {product_title} {sku} {model} {upc} {ean} {meta_title} {meta_description} {meta_keyword} for product description.

4. Payment Methods

The OpenCart eBay Integrator Extension also permits the store admin to set the right payment techniques for the eBay store from the eBay OpenCart Connector extension.

5. Order Status Update On eBay

Admin can referesh order status on the eBay marketplace once the order get dispatched. To accomplish a similar, the admin needs to run the Order Update CRON, accessible under the synchronization tab of the OpenCart eBay Integration extension.

6. Product Listing    

Each of the items required by the admin to list on the eBay Marketplace or effectively record on eBay, viewed under the Product posting tab of the OpenCart eBay Connector extension.

7. eBay Integration extension Enable Or Disable Products

The admin can even disable the items from the item posting page. Moreover, the disabled items, eliminated from the eBay store. OpenCart admin can enable these items later and for that admin needs to click the End items button. Under the Synchronization tab of the eBay OpenCart Integration Extension, this feature is found.

8. Local Sync

The feature also permits the store admin to synchronize the product from the OpenCart store to the eBay Integration module. Further, the local sync choice of the eBay OpenCart Extension makes it simple for the store admin to list each item or choose a product to the eBay Marketplace. Further, the Products tab and the Synchronization tab of the eBay OpenCart Integration Extension allow performing this activity.

9. Sync Product Status From eBay:

By clicking on the “Sync Product Status from eBay” the admin can update the eBay posting status of the items. This also helps in following the situation with the product on the product posting page of the eBay OpenCart connector module.

10. eBay OpenCart Integration Plugin Sync Products Inventory In Bulk:

By clicking the “Sync Product Inventory of Listed Products” the admin can update the stock of recorded items from the Opencart store to eBay.

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