Defining the OpenCart pick-up plugin “Front end of the website” feature

Customers can now pick up their orders in-store, thanks to the eCommerce store administrator. The OpenCart pick-up plugin offered by Knowband shows the physical location of the store by using a Google map. Furthermore, customers can access information about the physical store on the website’s top page. They can even choose the store closest to them and pick up the product there.

Opencart store locator extension

This extension is customizable as well as simplifies the procedure for store merchants. Furthermore, the Opencart shop location addon allows you to specify a pickup time slot as well as a pickup days gap. The Opencart store location plugin can be readily customized by the administrator to meet their specific needs. Further, the Opencart store locator module includes predefined email templates for delivering in-store pickup-related emails to the actual establishments.

Defining the feature” Front end of the website”of the OpenCart pick-up plugin: 

Customers can quickly locate and pick up the merchandise at the nearby store. They can also see the contact information, name, distance, and timings. Customers can also acquire their products sooner and without having to pay for shipping.

1. They can select the Pickup option:

Opencart store locator extension

Customers can access the store locator after selecting the Pickup at Store option. Furthermore, customers can easily place their pickup orders and choose when and where they want to pick up their ordered merchandise.

2. You can view the store timings for product pickup

Opencart store locator extension

3. Order History of customers

Opencart store locator extension

4. An email would be sent to the store owner detailing the online purchase, as well as the date and time of the customer’s merchandise pick up at the store

Opencart store locator extension

Using the Google map, the online store administrator can display many physical stores on the internet. The Opencart Google Maps Store Locator add-on simplifies the process for store administrators. The OpenCart pick-up plugin allows you to share as much information you want to share about your store with your consumers.

From the admin page of the Opencart Google Maps Store Locator extension, you can additionally define the pickup time, date, and delay. In addition, the online retailer can send an email to the real store to advise them of the in-store pickup order. Online customers can quickly pick up their orders from the outlets of their choice.

Online customers can quickly place orders for in-store pickup and take advantage of online specials and store discounts. Aside from that, clients can place orders for in-store pickup, which will save them money on delivery fees. Hence, the OpenCart pick-up plugin is a useful extension that simplifies the entire process.

In the end

Add several physical businesses to the website’s frontend with the OpenCart store location and pickup extension as it makes it simple. The e-merchant can also upload CSV files to bulk-insert shop information. The admin can show maximum details of the actual store. For instance, its name, address, directions, contact details, mail id, and so on. With the aid of this OpenCart store pickup plugin in store pickup becomes easier for online purchasers.

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