Increase customer engagement with OpenCart Exit Intent popup module

There are times when visitors get interrupted as they might not be ready for online shopping or they couldn’t get what they were looking for at the store. As a result, they decide to bounce. However, with the help of the Opencart Exit Popup Extension offered by Knowband, you can easily hold them back on your eCommerce shop.

OpenCart Exit Intent popup module

How to define the OpenCart Exit Intent popup module?

The OpenCart Exit-Intent popup module makes it simple to entice customers by offering discounts. The plugin is the most effective technique to instill a sense of urgency in website visitors. Furthermore, you may display a newsletter subscription popup on the visitor’s front screen as soon as they exit the browser window to re-engage them with the help of the Opencart Exit Popup extension.

OpenCart Exit Intent popup module

What are benefits offered to merchants by the OpenCart Exit-Intent popup module?

The Opencart Exit Popup plugin tracks the user’s mouse movement and prompts them to return to the store at the appropriate time. Furthermore, the OpenCart Exit Intent popup module boosts subscriptions as well as the income on your site. This plugin even lowers the store bounce rates as well as cart abandonment rates. 

OpenCart Exit Intent popup module

The customer’s email information seamlessly captured by the OpenCart Exit-Intent popup as well as can be used for future marketing efforts. Furthermore, this module offered by Knowband is a coding-free solution.

Customer benefits offered by OpenCart Exit Intent popup module

OpenCart Newsletter Subscription popup extension offers incredible benefits such as availing the exit popup offers. The plugin even offers discount coupon codes for their future shopping. Customers will start receiving daily or weekly updates from the store after they signup for the newsletter subscription popup.

OpenCart Exit Intent popup module

Final thoughts

Once the OpenCart Exit Popup addon is enabled, the popup displayed on the front website times when customer attempts to leave the page from the upper side. Further, from the admin panel, you can change the values as well as the functionality of the front popup. To disable the popup for a specified amount of time on the same device, cookie life configured by the admin. From the admin panel, you may also change the text.

Why its good to use Knowband plugins?

Opencart plugin development services offered by Knowband. Knowband is a well-known eCommerce development agency to assist you to improve the functionality of your online stores. Knowband has also hired expert Opencart developers to help with Opencart plugin development. They put in long hours to give Opencart development and support.

If you want a certain function on your Opencart site, there’s a strong chance an Opencart plugin will help you do it; if you can’t find one, you can always contact Knowband for a custom plugin. You can contact them via email at [email protected].

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