OpenCart modules that enhance customer engagement in your store

Customer Engagement is a significant part of eCommerce businesses. Neglecting to connect with the customers on your website brings about a high bounce rate. In fact, in the long run, it increases the chances of missing out on potential customers. The brands attempt to execute various strategies to expand customer engagement in their stores. How about we attempt to understand what customer engagement is? In addition, we’ll talk about the OpenCart modules that play a significant role in engaging your visitors.

What is customer engagement?

Above all, Customer Engagement, or User Engagement is the behavior of customers towards your website, item, or services. The store admin can easily understand via specific exercises. For example, clicks, downloads, shares, and so on.
Specifically, customer engagement is for the most part viewed as the equivalent of user engagement. However, there is a slight distinction between both. To be specific, customers are the ones who have already bought a product or service from the store whereas; the users are referred to as the visitors.

Why is customer Engagement Important?

Customer engagement has a vital task to carry out in the achievement of your products or services. On the off chance that customers are investing energy in your website or the mobile application, it implies it is furnishing them with some worth and they are loving you as a brand. For instance, suppose you have a blog. You are getting acceptable hits. Individuals are going to your blog, perusing the information that you have put, leaving remarks, looking at the products that you have enrolled in your blog content. What’s going on here? This is all customer engagement.

So, coming down to the aspect where we talk about the OpenCart modules that enhance customer engagement in your store, find the list below.

OpenCart Gift Card extension

The OpenCart gift card module helps to grow the list of potential customers in the store. Gift cards are basically cards bought with a value as gifts for someone else. Being a trendy thing, if an eCommerce store owner has this functionality on his store, he would increase the sales, revenue, and customer engagement on his store. The customer buys the gift card – gift it to someone – that person will come back on the website to shop with the value of the gift card received – come back (if like the store) to shop again.
The OpenCart gift card extension is a useful module that is a win-win for both store owners as well as customers.

OpenCart Spin and Win extension

The OpenCart spin and win extension are what the store admin will be able to add a playful feature on the front-end of the website. Spin and win OpenCart spin and win (exit pop-up) plugin has a gamified interface that allows the visitors to try their luck by spinning the wheel and winning exciting prizes on the eCommerce store. The store admin not only increases the customer engagement in his/her store. However, the OpenCart module is also beneficial in acquiring email ids for future email promotions. The module is also the best lead generation tool. With the help of the OpenCart email subscription pop-up, the store admin can choose to customize the spin wheel completely on the front-end.

OpenCart Infinite Scroll extension

The OpenCart infinite scroll module from Knowband is the perfect way of gluing the visitors to your website and give them the reasons to stay longer. Designed to give browsing a whole new look, infinite scrolling is the opposite of the pagination framework where the visitors have to click every time they reach the end of the page. The OpenCart quick scroll module automatically loads the next page’s products on the first page itself. In addition, abstains the visitor to click and wait for the next page to load. The OpenCart module encourages the visitors to spend more time on the webstore and potentially convert by buying something.


So, which one of the OpenCart modules would you like to have in your store? These OpenCart extensions are extremely efficient in bringing results to your eCommerce store. First, they are absolutely compatible with the other modules. Second, they are fully customizable.

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