Opencart Private Shop Extension Benefits for Websites

To explore the website or place any orders, many online stores now need account registration. Moreover, the sites use Opencart private shop extension to secure a website and keep it safe from unauthorized users. As a result, a lot of software solutions offer login security using Opencart Private shop plugin.

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The level of access and protection for the website is chosen by the store owner. This is accomplished using Knowband’s Private Shop module. Further, instead of locking the Categories, Products, Pages, and IPs, the store administrator has a variety to choose from.

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Using Opencart Private Shop extension is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to interact with website visitors online. Moreover, the Opencart Private shop plugin enables users to login and access particular goods, pages, or categories on the online store. Also, there are many ways to invite users to register for an account on the website. The store owner creates a unique and personalized webstore by using this plugin to change their online store.

The following are the main characteristics of the Opencart Private Shop Extension: 

  1. Benefit of joining: With the help of this extension, clients of the registered store quickly browse the Private Shop’s content.
  2. Admin interface: This Opencart Private Shop extension allows for significant admin interface customization as well as a wide range of functions.
  3. Design: The store owner is able to modify the login and registration form designs using the admin interface.
  4. Login/signup form: Using the Private Shop module, administrator positions the login/signup form to the left, right, or center of the website page.
Opencart Private Shop Extension general setting by knowband demo
  1. Login/signup logo: Using the Opencart Private shop, the admin chooses to display the logo above the login or signup form or not.
Opencart Private Shop Extension theme setting by knowband demo
  1. Account verification: Either manually or automatically, the store admin is able to confirm the new account.
  2. Custom CSS and JS: The Opencart private shop extension supports the use of original CSS and JS code for even greater customizability.
  3. Access: Using this plugin’s capabilities, the site’s home page is only accessible to a specific range of IP addresses.
Opencart Private Shop Extension access setting by knowband demo
  1. Marking certain features as private: The shop administrator sets specific products, categories, and pages as private by using the Opencart module for the Private Shop.
  1. Customer monitoring: Using this extension, the store owner is able to examine and maintain track of confidential customer information.
  2. Mobile responsive and multi-language support: The Opencart Private shop extension is multilingual and mobile responsive, making it suitable for stores with several languages.
  3. Support for multiple stores and compatibility with SSL: The Opencart Private shop extension provides support for multiple stores and compatibility with SSL.

Benefits for store owners who use the Opencart Private Shop extension include:

  1. Using the Opencart Private Shop, business owners have the choice to make users create their login and registration.
  2. The Private shop plugin enables the admin to quickly approve a customer’s registration, either automatically or manually.
  3. Managers configure Google Crawl functionality for their store’s private pages by utilizing the Opencart limit product and categories extension. It will appear in search results after the website’s owner gives Google permission to crawl it.
  4. By using Private Shop Extension, the administrator changes the look and feel of the login/signup page as required.
  5. The Opencart Private Shop Extension simplifies to impose restrictions on individual pages, items, or categories for the store owners.

The benefits of online shoppers in this extension:

  1. Users access the restricted products and sites without any issues once they register or log in on the website.
  2. The Private shop extension layout is mobile-responsive, allowing users of smartphones and tablets to visit the store. 
  3. A private shop’s front user interface is simple and attractive, providing customers with a fantastic shopping experience.

For any custom changes or modification in the module according to your online store needs please contact us at [email protected]. Please reach out to us in case of any queries related to this Opencart extension.

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