Why it’s important to add OpenCart Product Availability Check Zipcode Extension to your store?

Knowband’s OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zipcode Extension allows the customer to see product availability on their specific location via a postcode search. Customers who are there to buy at your online store generally don’t have any idea about product availability in their region. Consequently, they are going through a nasty shopping experience at the time of the checkout process once they get to understand that the merchandise is unavailable at their location. In this manner, they’re compelled to drop their cart contributing to abandonment rates.

OpenCart Product Availability extension consolidates a basic Product zip code validator on the item page so the clients can discover whether the item can be delivered to their area or not. Also, if the item conveyance is accessible on their postal code, the OpenCart Availability check by zipcode will display delivery days and dates in advance to the user. Speaking about overall functionality, this improves both the client experience and interface of the e-commerce store.

Features of OpenCart Product Availability Check Zipcode Extension

Product availability check by zipcode OpenCart module offers distinctive customizable features that can be set according to business prerequisites. For OpenCart zipcode extension, no coding is required and the store owner can show item accessibility check by zip code result on the frontend over the item pages. Let us find more about it.

  1. OpenCart Product Postal Code Validator assists in controlling cart abandonment rates just by permitting clients to enter their zip code and checking the item accessibility at their area.
  2. This OpenCart extension shows a Product zipcode validator block on the item page allowing clients to check item accessibility without going to the checkout page.
  3. OpenCart Product Postal Code Validator extension allows admin to add unlimited global zones as well as multiple zip codes inside those zones.
  4. Looking for an effortless way to add and map? OpenCart product zipcode validator is right for you. It offers an effortless way to add and map as many zip codes in various zones either by directly uploading CSV files or by a bulk number of zip codes.
  5. OpenCart Product Postal Code Validator Module lets admin map mass number of items in various worldwide zones or they can transfer CSV document directly for bulk upload.
  6. With OpenCart product zip code validator, admin can exclude all those products for which the product shipping or delivery is unavailable. Customers can directly perform checkout for such products.
  7. OpenCart Product zipcode validator showcase the advanced delivery days as well as the date on the frontend just when the item delivery is available or the particular postal code.
  8. OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zipcode extension enables and shows the Add to Cart button on the frontend possibly if that the item delivery is relevant on that particular postal zip code.
  9. OpenCart store admin can enable the zipcode validator module for entire products just by using this extension. For other items, the standard checkout is displayed on the frontend.
  10. This OpenCart extension can be rapidly enabled or disabled from the back-end.

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