Top 8 Benefits of OpenCart Progressive Web App (PWA)

Because of the high exposure and reach of mobile audiences, the eCommerce business can grow rapidly with the help of Progressive Web App. So, developing an OpenCart PWA Mobile App is an easier and affordable way to improve your brand presence among mobile shoppers. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator extension is one of the most popular solutions that help in launching Progressive Web App. Also, the mobile app offers a wide variety of features and flexibility to the store admin for selling products online and targets a vast user base. The PWA Mobile App provides an easy shopping medium to your customers and boosts the conversion rate and revenue.

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1. White Label Solution with Customization Control –

The eCommerce merchant can launch the Progressive Web App under its own brand name and value. Moreover, the store owners can choose the app name, logo, image splash screen, icon, banner, UI design, etc in the PWA Mobile App. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Maker allows users to create, add and design the home screen layout as per the requirements. Hence, the store admin can use attractive colors, fonts, banners, and images to manage the look and feel of OpenCart PWA apps with a few mouse clicks.

2. Real-Time Synchronization –

The OpenCart PWA App Maker also synchronizes the entire product inventory/data of the eCommerce website on the Progressive Web App. If the store admin makes any change/update on the eCommerce website inventory, it automatically gets reflected on the live eCommerce mobile app.

3. Unlimited Push Notifications –

The OpenCart PWA App Creator allows the store admin to send personalized push notifications on the user’s devices automatically. Such as Order Placed Successfully, Order Status Update and Abandoned Cart, and much more. The push notifications can also be sent manually with custom text and images. All deals, offers, coupons, products, etc. can be simply highlighted via the push notifications feature.

4. Offline Browsing-

The OpenCart eCommerce PWA App doesn’t let the customer face issues in browsing due to internet issues. The users can easily access the Progressive Web App even if they are having a slow or no internet connection and browse the products and categories. 

5. Email and Social Login –

The PWA Mobile App for OpenCart comes with easy login options such as Google and Facebook. There is also an email log-in and registration option, which enables users to access the PWA Mobile App without any hassle.

6. All Payment and Shipping Method Support –

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App automatically fetches all the active payment and shipping methods available on the eCommerce website. So, It allows the customer to choose the preferred payment and shipping methods and complete the purchase.

7. Multi-lingual and Currency Support –

The OpenCart Progressive Web App supports all kinds of global/regional languages and currencies. The mobile app also automatically fetches all the languages available on the eCommerce website including RTL ones like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc. Thus, Online shoppers can translate the entire eCommerce mobile app into the selected language without any difficulties. 

8. One-Page Checkout with Order Status Update –

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder requires the necessary information only from the user end to check out from the app. The Progressive Web App comes with a simplified one-page checkout allowing the user to submit the order with ease. 

The OpenCart PWA App Creator comes with an order status feature. It allows the user to keep up to date with their previously placed orders details and tracking. The user can view the status of their currently placed order and will also receive regular push notifications about the same.


It is a fantastic idea to launch the OpenCart PWA App for your online business. Also, the Progressive Web App consists of all the must-have features. It can help the store admin to enhance the sales and revenue numbers. The OpenCart Progressive Web App helps in engaging more customers and enhancing the user experience. So, Knowband helps with all those features that make your PWA app more user-friendly and give your eCommerce business a boost. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask at [email protected].

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