How to Install OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module?

eBay is quite possibly the most common online marketplace. has acquired the standing of an online space where purchasers and vendors meet up and exchange nearly anything. Moreover, OpenCart store owners can smooth out their selling and track down a bigger crowd base in the common marketplace.

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module by Knowband permits the OpenCart store admin to list their items on the eBay marketplace and manage their stock and orders with a couple of clicks. Further, the eBay OpenCart Connector makes it simpler for the store admin to associate their store with the marketplace. Simultaneously, the OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module automates the whole interaction of item posting, inventory, and orders of the executives.

Benefits offered by the OpenCart eBay connector:

Benefit 1: Permit admin to skip lengthy steps

The OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module permits store merchant to skip the steps involved in lengthy store integration. Further, the admin can connect the store in a few simple steps. OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration even allows the store admin to create various profiles accordingly from the back-end.

Benefit 2: OpenCart eBay API Integration permit admin to skip manual listing

The feature, profile-based product listing of the OpenCart eBay Integrator permits store admin to skip manual listing. Also, the extension allows managing inventory easily with the help of these profiles created in the OpenCart eBay API Integration.

Benefit 3: eBay OpenCart Integration makes mapping product attribute easier

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module makes the product attribute and categories mapping easier. Categories with that attribute as well as categories of eBay easier for the store admin.

Benefit 4: Allows merchants to make changes accordingly

OpenCart to eBay Synchronization permit store merchants to make changes accordingly. Moreover, this extension allows merchants to add, remove, revise or relist the products on the marketplace. Further, the OpenCart eBay Connector offers easy order management along with easy inventory management. The store admin can sync the orders received from with their OpenCart store and process them from there. As a result, the admin need not visit the marketplace.

Benefit 5: Offers two-way synchronization

Offers two-way synchronization that can be done by executing cron in the back-end. OpenCart eBay Connector allows the store admin to check the error that occurred during product listing from the backend of the module.

Installation Steps For OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin

Purchase the OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin from the store. Files which admin will receive are:

  1. Zipped File 
  2. User Manual 

Installation Steps:

  1. Store admin needs to unzip the zipped file. 
OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integrator

2.All the files and folders need to be copied of zip files in the Root Directory of the site. Hence, these are installed and ready to use. Go to Admin – > Main Menu – > Extensions as displayed in the picture: 

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integrator

3. Admin needs to select the eBay integration from the list of the modules. Furthermore, click on the edit button.

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integrator


eBay OpenCart API Connector by Knowband is perhaps the quickest means to associate your OpenCart store with eBay. Furthermore, this opencart module makes it simpler for the store administrator to interface their store with the marketplace. Simultaneously, the OpenCart eBay API integrator robotizes the complete cycle of item posting, inventory, and requests of the executives.

Knowband is known for providing best-in-class plugins. Since the establishment of the firm, they have devoted time and experience in providing eCommerce extensions for numerous platforms. Platforms including Prestashop, Magento, OpenCart, Magento 2, WooCommerce, Shopify and others. Moreover, they offer efficient extensions with best-in-class customer support.

Knowband is a team of competent and knowledgeable IT professionals that ensure that they meet deadlines by delivering superb as well as feature-rich modules to the customers. As a result, store merchants are free to write at [email protected].

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