How Etsy Opencart Integration Module beneficial to store merchants?

The Etsy Opencart Integration Module is provided by KnowBand, an eCommerce module, and a commercial center reconciliation development company. In just a few simple steps, businesses can link their OpenCart store to the Etsy marketplace using the Opencart Etsy Marketplace Integrator. We recognize that, in addition to being prepared to begin selling on the Etsy marketplace, it is critical for the storekeeper to examine their business plan and engagement so that they can be aware of the new challenges. After starting to sell on many channels, dealers must keep accurate records of their stock levels, item postings, as well as shipping strategies.

Etsy Opencart Integration Module

OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration Major Features

Easy installation as well as user-friendly interface: 

The OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration is a simple interface that makes it simple to list things on the Etsy commercial center. Moreover, the easy-to-use interface of the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration offers an intuitive interface to list the items to the Etsy commercial center.

Etsy Opencart Integration Module

Bulk uploading of the products: 

The Etsy Marketplace Integrator Module for OpenCart allows merchants to move items in bulk. Furthermore, vendors can create a profile to move the whole OpenCartstore class to the Etsy commercial center.

Category and product attribute mapping: 

Through the Etsy Opencart Integration Module, vendors can easily align the item credits as well as class of OpenCartstore items with the Etsy shop attributes and classification.

Etsy Opencart Integration Module offers Shipping templates: 

Create custom layouts from the OpenCart store administrator panel and sync them to the Etsy shop using the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration Plugin.

Etsy Opencart Integration Module offers Order Management: 

From the OpenCartstore administrator board, keep track of Etsy shop orders.

Etsy Opencart Integration Module offers Order status: 

The Etsy commercial center request status can be refreshed using cron work from the OpenCart store administrator board.

Inventory management:

 Keep track of stock for Etsy store items from the OpenCart administrator panel. Furthermore, the administrator may unquestionably synchronize the progressions to the Etsy commercial center after making any changes to the item stock or characteristics in the OpenCart store.

Etsy Opencart Integration Module

Secondary language: 

The administrator can even select an optional language for the store and use cron to keep it in sync with the Etsy commercial center business.

How does Etsy OpenCart Integration Extension work?

The Etsy OpenCart Integration Module requires the creation of API keys by the OpenCart store administrator (steps to produce the API key are accessible in the record). Further, the administrator may manage their Etsy store posting, stock, and orders from the OpenCart store after successfully configuring the Etsy OpenCart extension.

Knowband provides free setup and assistance for the first three months. Please contact our support team if you require any assistance with the Etsy OpenCart setup.


Following the purchase of the module, you will receive the following records:

1. Zipped (contains the source code of the module)

2. Client Guide

To introduce the extension, take the following steps:

  1. Remove the zipped file record from the machine. Further, it would include the files and folders shown below –

2. Copy all of the files as well as folders organizers from the loosened folder into the site’s root envelope.

3. The module is now available for installation on your store as well as found in Store Admin – > Modules and Services. Moreover, it would be shown as follows –

Final Thoughts

Knowband created the Opencart Etsy Marketplace Connector to overcome all of the key problems of selling on a commercial center. Furthermore, OpenCart storekeepers may successfully deal with the stock, requests, and transportation for Etsy shop orders from the OpenCart store administrator with the use of the Etsy OpenCart Integration extension.

Admin Demo

User Manual

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