What are the advanced features of OpenCart Etsy Integration?

KnowBand, an eCommerce module and marketplace joining improvement organization offers the OpenCart Etsy Integration.

OpenCart Etsy Integration

The Opencart Etsy Marketplace Integrator permits the vendor to synchronize their OpenCart store with the Etsy marketplace in simple steps. We understand that being prepared to begin selling on the Etsy marketplace, it is additionally significant for the store owners to dissect their business strategy. This helps them stay aware of the new difficulties.

OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration

In the wake of beginning to sell on multi-channel dealers need to keep legitimate track of their stock status, item postings, dispatching strategies, delivery time, and client assistance. Furthermore, to defeat every significant difficulty of selling on a marketplace, KnowBand has designed the Opencart Etsy Marketplace Connector.

Advanced Features Of Etsy OpenCart Integrator

Shipping Templates

Etsy OpenCart Integrator Shipping Templates offers a shipping templates feature, used to manage the shipping on the Etsy Marketplace. Very much like the Etsy Marketplace, the OpenCart store administrator can make the delivery layouts from the Etsy OpenCart Integration extension. This will get synchronized to Etsy.

Shop Section

Shop section helps sellers make shop areas to sort their items utilizing Etsy OpenCart Integration Extension. For instance, the merchants can make sections like design, sports etc. Furthermore, merchants can even make the list of items in the significant segment. Moreover, clients can discover the items effectively and without perusing every one of the results of your shop. OpenCart Etsy API integrator, in simple words, makes your Etsy store navigation simpler for the clients to discover their items.

Audit Logs

By utilizing Audit Logs, the store admin can monitor each of the tasks performed by checking the review logs section of the OpenCart Etsy integrator. In this way, if the administrator needs to check every exercise performed by him easily, can utilizing the review logs of Etsy OpenCart Integration Extension.

Opencart to Etsy Integration in just 4 simple steps:

Setup Etsy Seller Account:

First vendors need to make a seller account on Etsy Marketplace. Next, seller needs to fill the registration form. When the merchant account is made, a confirmation mail will be sent.

Setup App on Etsy:

To build up communication between OpenCart Store and the Etsy Seller Account by utilizing the OpenCart Etsy Integration expansion, creating an app on Etsy Marketplace is important. Furthermore, after the registration of app on Etsy Marketplace, API details for the application are provided. These are used to configure OpenCart Etsy Integration augmentation. Furthermore, the step-by-step details to make the application on Etsy Marketplace are mentioned in the user manual.

Install and Configure:

After completion, install the Etsy OpenCart integrator extension in your store. The next step is to configure. Further, enter the Etsy API keys to configure the module. 

Start Selling:

Hence, you are ready to sell products at the Etsy marketplace. Further, to begin selling on the Etsy marketplace, the store admin can make the delivery layouts, dispatching profiles as well as attribute mapping. And few other required steps for the bulk uploading of the items using the Etsy OpenCart Integrator extension.

Moreover, the orders received from the Etsy marketplace synced to the OpenCart store. Hence, making it simpler for the administrator to process it.


With the assistance of the Etsy OpenCart Integration extension, OpenCart storekeepers can successfully manage the stock, orders as well as the shipment for the Etsy shop orders from the admin panel. Thus, the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration offers the accompanying benefits to the vendors.

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