Launch your own OpenCart Marketplace in 2021

A large number of customers are purchasing goods online through their smartphones or desktops. But it is noticed that the percentage of conversion rate to the visitors visiting the store is very less. There can be many reasons for it. Either the visitor didn’t like the product, or the product he is looking is missing or the UI is difficult to understand or checkout process is too lengthy or the absence of the payment mode preferred by the user is missing. In all the above scenarios, the majority of visitors don’t complete their purchases and leave the store.

To resolve all the above problems, it is important for the store admin to a check on the demand and requirement of the store owners. It is necessary for the store owner to keep updating the store as per the latest trend in the eCommerce market. For a smooth shopping experience, the store owner needs to offer multiple shipping and payment options. Having a mobile app will play a strong role in targeting a large customer base.

Knowband offers Opencart Marketplace module to upgrade the OpenCart shop into a fully-functional Marketplace. OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace module by Knowband allows multiple sellers across the globe to list and sell their products at the Marketplace. OpenCart Marketplace offers multiple payment and shipping methods. Multiple payment and shipping options ease the checkout process for customers. The OpenCart Mobile app compatibility of the Marketplace allows the store owner to target large customer base. Multiple sellers with their variety of goods at the Marketplace increases the overall conversion rate of the online business.

The success of world-wide eCommerce marketplace like Amazon, Etsy, eBay etc. is not hidden from anyone. These stores with millions of customer base cater to a large audience on a regular basis. All the features of Marketplace can be brought at the customer’s fingertips with the OpenCart Marketplace module. The store owners can have their native apps (android & iOS apps) for their potential customers. 

Ways to Launch a OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace:

  1. OpenCart Marketplace Module: The OpenCart Marketplace Extension by Knowband can transform the online store into an Etsy, eBay like Marketplace in a few simple clicks. Even a non-technical person easily install and configure the Multi-seller Marketplace plugin. The OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace offers marketplace mobile app support. Store owner can use the OpenCart Mobile app builder to build iOS/ Android app for their users.
  2. OpenCart Advanced Marketplace Module: Using the OpenCart Advanced Marketplace, store owners have built both mobile app and Marketplace for their store. The advanced marketplace is a combo of both Marketplace module and a mobile app.

Store owners can choose either of the OpenCart Marketplace Module to build their Marketplace. An online Marketplace along with an app can enhance both target and conversion rate of the store.

Some Benefits of Opencart Marketplace are:

Store owners, sellers as well as the customers are the main pillars of the Marketplace. Some of the major features and benefits offered by the OpenCart Marketplace:

  • Expand reach and visibility of the store
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Stable cash flow
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Smooth Shopping Experience
  • Better engagement
  • Customer-Seller support

Major features of the Opencart Multi-Seller Marketplace are:

Separate Dashboards:

An OpenCart marketplace offers both sellers and store owner individual dashboards to list and monitor their inventories, orders, reviews, shipping services etc. at the Marketplace. Using the dashboards sellers can update their profile details, banner, logo, contact details, social logins account details etc from the seller dashboards.

Simple Seller Registration:

Sellers can easily send their account registration request to the store admin. Store admin can approve or reject the request as per his own choice. Even in an OpenCart Marketplace customers can also register their store at the Marketplace. Customers seller account approval request is directly managed by the store admin.

Category Allocation:

Categories used by the sellers at the Marketplace are assigned by admin from the backend. For a new category use, sellers needs to send a new category request to admin. Only after the admin approval, sellers can use that new category also.

Multiple Payment and Shipping Method Availability:

Multiple payment & shipping methods supported by the OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace module enhances the chances of conversions. OpenCart Marketplace allows the sellers to add multiple custom shipping methods.

All Product-type Compatibility:

The OpenCart Multi-seller Marketplace provides all product type compatibility. All products including virtual, single, bundled and configured can be easily listed and sold at the Marketplace. Seller products can be easily approved or rejected by the store admin from the backend panel

Email System:

Both sellers and customers are notified about the order, order status etc activity at the Marketplace. Email templates are available at the backend of the Multi-seller Marketplace. These email templates can be easily customized by the admin.

Order Management:

Seller and admin orders received at the OpenCart Marketplace gets listed in the order tab in the backend. All the marketplace orders are managed and monitored by admin itself.

Mobile app compatibility:

A Marketplace mobile app brings the variety of seller products listed at the Marketplace at the fingertips of the customers. OpenCart Marketplace Mobile App increases the audience range and conversion rate.

If you have any queries or doubts regarding the OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace then feel free to reach us at [email protected].

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