This one reason makes Opencart marketplace best extension for owners

Knowband’s Opencart marketplace turns your eCommerce site into an online marketplace. Furthermore, The plugin from Knowband may quickly turn your single-vendor website into a fully functional marketplace. Furthermore, with the assistance of the Multi-Vendor Marketplace Module, merchants can build a marketplace similar to Amazon, eBay, Etsy. As a result, various sellers can promote their products by selling them on the marketplace.

Opencart marketplace

You might not be aware that third-party sellers can even create an account and list their items on your site after the integration of the extension. Moreover, product types, that is, simple, configurable as well as bundled are even compatible with the extension.

OpenCart Marketplace Module provides features such as:

  • The module’s new admin interface makes seller management a breeze.
  • The plugin simplifies commission handling for store administrators.
  • All notifications have customized email layouts.
  • Product and category management is as simple as clicking a button.
  • The module is even compatible with Opencart Mobile App Builder.
Opencart marketplace

Which reason makes Opencart marketplace “best extension”?

The plugin offers incredible features to Opencart owners. This one feature or reason makes the Opencart marketplace ultimate for owners.

Opencart marketplace offers Easy Marketplace Creation

This module offers a feature called “EASY MARKETPLACE CREATION”. This feature of the module helps in converting a single-vendor site to a multi-vendor marketplace. All you have to do now is install the plugin and turn it on. Furthermore, the Opencart marketplace extension offers an intuitive interface. This intuitive interface makes store management much easier for the Opencart merchant.

Opencart marketplace

Sellers find marketplace creation easier with OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Extension because of its multi-lingual compatibility. The multi-lingual compatibility means that your store becomes compatible with every language. Hence, contents are displayed in various languages. Along with that, sellers can manage their eCommerce store from the dashboard easily. 

In the end

Whether it’s about offering ease of management to merchants or the seller, the Knowband Opencart Marketplace Extension is capable of that. Moreover, merchants can manage the commission, seller’s profile, and even product listing from the back-end of the extension. In case you want to expand the product range without maintaining their inventory, with a plugin this can be done. The extension makes it simple for admins and third-party merchants to manage their products and inventories.      

What is Knowband?

Knowband offers efficient plugins for various platforms such as Prestashop, Opencart, Magento, etc. Furthermore, Knowband offers post-sales support to the clients hence you may write to its team at [email protected].

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