All you need to know about the OpenCart Marketplace Extension

Customers today prefer to shop online while sitting in their home. They are not ready to come out of their comfort zones thus saving time and energy. Among the online shopping platforms, Marketplaces are one of the most popular websites as they provide a variety of stuff and services to the customers on a single platform. This increase in demand has boost the sales and growth of the online business.

Knowland’s OpenCart Marketplace Extension transform the online store into an online shopping mall in a few simple clicks. OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace offers an efficient way for small business owners to showcase their products to a global audience. OpenCart Marketplace enables the store owners to charge a commission to sellers for selling at the Marketplace. Building your own marketplace store will offer revenues with good profits. The mobile app compatibility of the OpenCart Marketplace extension enhances the reach of the store.

How OpenCart Marketplace Extension Works?

Buy the Opencart Multi-Seller Marketplace extension from the Knowband store. Install the OpenCart extension and configure it. Once the configuration step is completed, the multi-seller marketplace is ready to be used. 

To become a seller at the OpenCart Marketplace, sellers need to fill the checkbox in the registration form to send the account approval request to the admin. The admin has the provision to approve/disapprove the seller request. Only after the admin approves the request, the sellers can start selling at the online platform. More and more sellers at the store mean more variety of services and goods at the Marketplace. Seller commissions payable by the seller to the admin is set by the admin from the admin panel of the OpenCart Marketplace plugin.

OpenCart store admin can easily track the sales report of the marketplace from the admin interface of the OpenCart multi-seller marketplace plugin.

Major Highlights of OpenCart Marketplace Extension :

  1. The commission charged to the sellers is set by the OpenCart store owner from the backend. Store owner can set a global or an individual commission to the sellers.
  2. Seller’s account can be created just by submitting a form. The seller’s account request is then approved or rejected by the store owner from the admin panel. The seller profile, product and inventory can be updated by the vendors from the seller’s dashboard.
  3. Only after the account request is approved, the sellers can list and sell the products from the seller dashboard. Though the OpenCart multi-seller marketplace extension enables the store admin to approve/ disapprove the products from the back-end of the OpenCart marketplace extension. 
  4. Admin in the marketplace assigns categories to the sellers to list their products. Sellers can list products only in the assigned categories. 
  5. Sellers can add banners, logos, inventories, social account links etc with great ease from the seller dashboard.
  6. Sellers’ profiles are visible to the customers on the product page. Reviews can be shared by the users from the front end.
  7. Sellers can request a new category from the admin. Only after the store owners approval, the sellers can list the products in the newly allotted category.
  8. Along with the total sales, the store owner can easily track the vendor commission from the admin panel of the store.

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