Top 3 Ways to Become a Global Brand in 2021

Although many sellers are targeting a top channel, like Amazon, to reach a wider range of buyers, protect your brand, and increase sales, it is necessary to diversify across multiple markets. For sales growth, diversification is essential, as you extend your scope and prevent yourself from relying on a single marketplace.

Unfortunately, it takes more effort and more investment to establish a brand identity across multiple platforms. You must create a consistent, cohesive customer experience in every marketplace, no matter how many platforms you sell on.

Let’s see which integration works well for your business.

Top Multi-vendor Marketplaces where you can sell

It will take massive amounts of manpower and resources to try to do this manually, and you’ll fall well behind the competition. Instead, you can simplify and streamline listings through marketplaces using multi-channel listing software, enabling you to remain in charge.

Multi-channel listing software automates product listings so that you can set up product data and details on your eCommerce store (OpenCart, PrestaShop, Magento, other) and then push that data to your chosen marketplaces.

Sell on eBay with eBay integration module

A good listing tool can cover each channel’s product descriptions and criteria, allow bulk image upload, management of cross-channel business rules, let users streamline workflows using filters and tags, and support automatic updates of inventory.

In short, while managing inventory information of your multi-channel sales, a good listing tool or integration plugin will allow you to concentrate on your market. eBay integrator will connect your website to your eBay seller’s account and you can easily access it from your store itself.

Sell on Etsy with Etsy Marketplace integration module

Saving time and cash on multi-channel eCommerce management is the key advantage of listing software. Many multi-channel listing tools, however, often include full-service inventory management, ERP, or other order management types.

Once you set up templates, listing from Knowband’s Etsy integrator is relatively simple, allowing you to automate listing products from your catalogue and bulk update data through your eCommerce store. With automated inventory synchronization across Etsy networks, it reduces the possibility of selling.

Create your Marketplace

Another way of setting up the stage is by launching your marketplace. This sounds tedious and time taking but with Marketplace Module you can create a multi-vendor marketplace at minimal cost with very few efforts. You don’t even require to be a tech expert or a software developer, it is that simple to install and configure.  

The Multivendor Marketplace module is available for OpenCart, PrestaShop and Magento 2. Different sellers can register on your marketplace and you will earn commission on every order placed. It has a proficient admin panel and seller dashboard with various shipping and payment gateways.

Sellers can manage the inventory and orders. The module has several features that make it the best marketplace plugin available in the market. Complete marketplace guide is available on the KnowBand store.


Likely, you won’t want to push all of your products there, even if you use these markets as an extension of your online store. Instead, figure out which products you can compete with prices on (probably good Amazon and eBay contenders) and maintain a unique status.

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