Not using OpenCart Marketplace? essential perks you are missing out

Knowband has always provided the most efficient plugins for your business, one such plugin is Opencart marketplace, a well-developed and technically tested plugin. Furthermore, the extension makes an online marketplace out of your eCommerce store. Third-party merchants can create an account and list products on site once the OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace extension installed. Simple, customized, as well as bundled items, this module is compatible with all sorts of product types.

OpenCart Marketplace

Essential perks offered by OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace Module

Opencart multi-vendor marketplace module offers seller management feature

Vendors can also create a seller account by filling out a simple form. Moreover, the admin of the module then approves the seller’s profile from the backend. Furthermore, vendors can list their products from the dashboard once their account has been approved. Accept or refuse products through the module’s backend.

OpenCart Marketplace

With the plugin, admin may quickly assign categories to their products. The store owner may simply check the list of sellers as well as their relevant information. From the backend of the plugin, the admin can even update the seller’s profile.

Order Management featured offered by OpenCart Marketplace Module

  • On a separate page of the plugin, you can see the orders received from the marketplace and their associated details. Furthermore, the extension’s admin order page keeps track of orders placed on the shop admin’s products. The orders of third-party vendors shown on a different tab.
OpenCart Marketplace
  • The OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace extension provide default email templates to notify merchants about orders via email. Further, when the admin of the OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace extension enables this functionality, clients can efficiently leave reviews as well as ratings for items as well as sellers. Customers can provide reviews once option is enabled. Reviews are found in the OpenCart Marketplace extension’s admin interface. If necessary, the administrator can even alter the reviews.
  • Once the shop admin approves the seller’s review from the backend of the OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace plugin, it appears on the frontend. Further, the OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension’s backend could manage review as well as rating management. Customers can leave evaluations and ratings for products and sellers after OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace extension enabled by the admin.
  • Customers can provide reviews if the option is enabled. Reviews by customers found in the extension’s admin interface. If necessary, the administrator can alter the reviews. Once the shop admin approves the seller’s reviews from the backend of the plugin, reviews shown on the frontend.

How beneficial is the Seller order management feature? 

  • From the dashboard, you can see the orders that have been placed on the seller’s product. From the backend of the plugin, even the admin may see the seller’s order. They can even make changes to the order specifics if necessary. Received orders can be processed by the vendor and further changes made will be reflected in the admin interface of the module.
OpenCart Marketplace
  • The buyer will receive a single invoice even if he or she adds products from multiple sellers. However, depending on the order, separate invoices will be generated for different merchants. In addition, the order communicated to the merchants through email. For this, the plugin even provides a prepared email template.
OpenCart Marketplace

Why Knowband?

Knowband plugins have always enhanced the functionality of your eCommerce stores. Therefore, we highly recommend using the OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module.

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