OpenCart Mobile App Builder- for better customer experience

OpenCart Mobile App Builder is compatible with every gadget including mobile phones and tablets. This extension does not require any coding skills when it comes to installing and configuration. In other words, this plugin is a pre-configured framework designed to create native Android & iOS apps for eCommerce websites. OpenCart Mobile App Builder is one of the easiest ways to build feature-packed OpenCart Mobile Apps and all it requires is 3 simple steps:

1. OpenCart Mobile App Builder extension needs to be purchased.

2. All the app-related specifications and requirements need to be shared.

3. Merchant will get his own native OpenCart Apps in 2-3 days.

OpenCart Mobile App Builder enhances the customer experience due to following reasons:

Features Offered By OpenCart Mobile App Builder

1. Opencart Android App Builder Supports Offline Mode

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker is now available in offline mode due to which all preloaded screens can be operated without internet connection. Pre-loaded screens do work with low internet connection with the help of this plugin. Furthermore, this feature leads to a better as well as smoother shopping experience from your application.

2. Allows Admin To Change Color And Font Choices

With regards to updating the application look and feel, color and font choices assume a significant part while arranging and planning an eCommerce Mobile App. Knowband OpenCart Mobile App Builder offers a wide range of color palette and text style options in portable applications such as mobile. Thus, store admin can undoubtedly pick the subject color, background color as well as the shade of the button accordingly.

3. Opencart mobile app creator Beneficial For Brand Awareness

Installing this extension on an e-Commerce website is highly beneficial for brand awareness because it allows the image of the logo to be placed on the header of the application. Therefore, clients will know about particular brand. This will lead to enhancement of the business as well as fortifying the marking procedures also.

4. Offers Login Options

Different simple and fast login options like Facebook and Google are provided by OpenCart Mobile App Creator in portable applications such as mobile. This extension allows clients to sign in the application using their own social media accounts. OpenCart Mobile App Builder provides social media login such as:

  • Google Login
  • Facebook Login

5. Provide Advance Security Options

Alongside social login choices, the OpenCart Mobile App Creator offers other advanced login alternatives with Fingerprint confirmation and OTP validation. Thus, the client can log in the application effectively as opposed to reviewing the username and password.

6. Allows swipe products to display

One of the biggest advantages of this module is that it provides the option of swiping the products as a result online clients find it easier to look for products. With the help of this extension, online clients can look for their products just by swiping right or left on the product screen.

7. Payment and Shipping Options

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder makes the application payment solid and secure in mobile application.The extension offers a wide range of payment methods. OpenCart Mobile App Builder supports PayPal and COD payment methods. Besides, it offers a wide range of shipping methods like FedEx, Store Pickup, USPS, etc and works on the portable applications such as mobile phones efficiently. This makes the vendor purchaser exchange hassle free for the store admin.

8. Supports Different Languages

Besides these features, OpenCart Mobile Apps comes with Whatsapp and Zopim chat option because of which clients can ask their queries 24*7.

9. Real-Time Synchronization Offered By OpenCart Mobile App Builder

With the help of this extension, store merchants are able to connect their ecommerce store with portable devices such as mobile phones. Whenever changes are made from the back end of the extension, those changes are reflected on the front end of the website. This synchronization between the website and application keeps the store admin liberated from any manual update.

10. OpenCart Mobile App Creator Offers Feature Unlimited Push Notifications

Unlimited push notifications feature is one of the most significant features of OpenCart Mobile App Builder. With the help of this extension, store merchants can  send limitless push notification to users whenever required. This also helps in increasing offers and revenue. This module offers push notifications such as Order Creation Notification, Order Status Update Notification and Abandoned Cart Notification.

11. Extension Supports Different Languages And RTL

RTL stands for Register-transfer level and supported by the Opencart mobile app maker. Besides supporting RTL, it supports different languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu and so on in the mobile phones therefore all the regional organizations can do their business on global level. With the help of this module, store merchants can target worldwide crowds.


Opencart eCommerce mobile app by Knowband is best for store merchants. Knowband is popular for providing the best plugins for ecommerce websites. Its skilled and proficient programmers, designers, and other involved professionals ensure store merchant receive all the benefits and can lift their websites. Moreover, they can deliver an OpenCart mobile app, including all personal and business requirements.

To know more about the module:

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