All You Need to Know Before Opting For the OpenCart Mobile App Builder

Associating with users turns into an essential action to make for each business. With your store OpenCart Mobile App Builder, you can make mindful of your brand among smartphone users and consistent quality among a colossal number of customers, and conceivable outcomes. In the digitized period, customers need to see all the things readily available and overseeing things carefully. 

Consequently, these days customers anticipate that a brand should have its mobile app. This shows notwithstanding the way that it is imperative to have an edge over the rivals in the eCommerce world. In this way, it transforming into a need to avoid falling behind your rivals. In any case, having a mobile application improves the trustability of the brand.

Have it as an essential worry that the significance of mobile app holds in the current time. It is simply savvy to make one for your eCommerce stores. So, what are the reasons to take your eCommerce business to the mobile app? This blog talks about the same and also things that you should know about the Opencart Mobile App Builder before investing your time and energy in the same. 

Reasons to go for Mobile App (OpenCart Mobile App Builder)

1. People have gone mobile

The world has come past desktops and gotten smartphones. As numerous people are utilizing their smartphones to discover neighborhood businesses. The eCommerce store owner can undoubtedly promote their brand on the mobile apps as their advancement strategies can be seen through mobile channels.

Along these lines, essentially having an online website isn’t adequate any longer. People are getting distant from the desktops and confiding totally on the mobile applications. Along these lines, the opportunity has already come and gone to build up the mobile application for your OpenCart store.

2. OpenCart Mobile App Builder Improves customer sales and services

The fundamental worry for any eCommerce store is customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the brilliant key to any fruitful business – if you don’t have it, move quickly and focus on it. Opencart eCommerce mobile app can do this for you as mobile apps give clear support to helping out customers and get significant input.

In this way, not only would you have the option to dispense with the mistakes, yet furthermore give them a sensation of faithfulness that makes long haul customers. 

3. Move your business to a worldwide platform

Focusing on a worldwide audience improves your business visibility as well as gives you a superior standing on a worldwide platform. Connecting with the worldwide audience isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In any case, presently the admin can take their business to a worldwide scale through the Opencart Mobile App Builder.

Multiple languages support allows users to get to the app in their local language. This implies whether your user is in France, Italy, or Spain they can get to the app in their local language without any problem. 

4. A convenient shopping experience for customers

Customer comfort is one of the many components of customer experience that saves them time and exertion of customers. Along these lines, the mobile apps for your OpenCart store can be one of the manners in which give customer comfort as mobile apps are simpler to use in contrast with the website.

The advantages of the Opencart Mobile App Creator can be better if the organization builds up the mobile app with cutting edge and first-class includes like multiple payment strategies, chat support, and live order tracking. When the customer introduced the app, the app will help customers with arriving at their customer support service.

This will assist with building trust and brand acknowledgment among the mobile audience through the mobile app. 

5. Keep your customers up to date with the Push Notifications

The Opencart Mobile App Maker gives a customized insight and interfaces by which your customers can without much of a stretch get refreshed, in regards to any offers, sales, and so on. Push Notifications are the first and frequently most significant correspondence channels utilized by mobile applications.

To give a superior correspondence channel, a considerable lot of the eCommerce mobile app builder extensions are giving the “Push Notification” functionality in the mobile apps. Be that as it may, what makes the Opencart Android App Builder from Knowband different from them?

Indeed, here comes the bonanza one, Opencart iOS App Builder offers “Limitless Push Notification”. This usefulness likewise serves to reconnect more customers which as of now have your app introduced. 

In this way, the question that comes to mind is – How to do it?

Indeed, on thinking about all the referenced focuses. You can go for a tailored Opencart eCommerce Mobile App extension with many progressed highlights, the configurable module, and back-end, and a lot more adaptable choices.

In any case, to have a redone mobile app meeting every one of your necessities, you should contact experienced mobile app developers to build up a user-engaging app for Android and iOS platforms.

Features of the OpenCart Mobile App Builder

1. Native application: The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App provides a native experience to its customers. 

2. Home page layout customization: The store admin can customize the entire home page layout with tweaks from the back-end of the Opencart Android App.

3. Multiple languages: No matter where your customers are logging in from, the Opencart iOS App provides them with content in their native language.

4. Payment and shipping technique support: The Opencart Mobile App Builder comes with the default payment methods – PayPal and COD. The store admin can add more payment methods from the back-end. In addition, the Opencart Mobile App comes with multiple shipping options.

5. Real-time synchronization: The Opencart Mobile App Creator synchronizes your web store with the app in real-time.

6. Easy Push-Notifications: With the Opencart Mobile App Maker, the store admin can send unlimited push notifications to the users.

7. Customizable White Label branding: The Opencart Mobile App provides you the opportunity for branding your business. There will no part of Knowband as the result of the app.

8. Simplified checkout: The Mobile App Builder provides a single-page checkout for its customers.

9. Add to cart on Home and Category screen: The Home screen & Category screen of the Opencart Mobile App has the “Add To Cart” button for every product block.

10. Product Rating and Reviews: The OpenCart Mobile Apps has the functionality to display the product ratings and reviews on the front-end. In addition, the apps also allow the customers to add ratings and reviews. Both “Write Review” and “View review” options are available on the product screen of Android and iOS apps.

11. Addition of Related products: With the Opencart Android App Builder, the store admin can improve cross-selling by displaying the related products on the different pages of the mobile apps.

12. Offline mode: The OpenCart Mobile App Maker has now offline compatibility. In easy words, the pre-loaded monitors may be accessed with sluggish or no net connectivity. This improves the purchasing experience of your app.

13. Order tracking: The store merchant can easily check the order status and track every order from the back-end of the Opencart iOS App Builder.

14. Social login: The OpenCart Mobile App is integrated with different social media login options like Google and Facebook. The store admin can likewise permit Phone Number or Fingerprint login to users to give a quick login and registration approach to the front-end customers.


The Opencart Mobile App is a fully functional and customizable option that allows store merchants to take their business to the next level. Make the right choice and generate more sales and revenues by reaching out better to your customers. You can check the User Manual, Admin demo, and Front demo (Android or iOS) of OpenCart Mobile App Builder to under its functionality better.

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