How KnowBand can help to convert eCommerce website into OpenCart mobile App?

Nowadays, mobile apps are such a boon for most eCommerce stores. The OpenCart Mobile App Maker has opened the world of possibilities for the eCommerce merchant and offered them a great opportunity to easily transform their online website into a mobile app. The OpenCart extension provides the simplest and convenient way to perform the customizations in the shopping app without the need for any technical requirements. It is specially designed by considering all the needs and requirements of the store admin and users. The OpenCart mobile app Creator makes it easier for the store admin to sell their products by launching the eCommerce mobile app in a few steps. The front-end mobile shoppers can conveniently log in, purchase products, change language, perform transactions, etc.

Why Should You Have OpenCart App?

The mobile apps give the opportunity to the store admin to target more audiences if compared to the eCommerce store. If you need a professional high-speed shopping app that meets your set standards and comes with a wide range of important functionalities, you should go for OpenCart Mobile App Builder. The OpenCart mobile app Maker gives amazing customization options for your eCommerce store. The plugin gives the freedom to launch the mobile app in the Google Play Store and Apple Store without the intervention of any third party.  

Growth with Mobile App Maker-

The several functions and customization options of the eCommerce app give the undoubtedly increase in the growth in the eCommerce business revenue and reach. No matter what eCommerce product you are selling and the number of competitors there are in the market, the OpenCart Mobile App Creator is always there to help you out. It gives you the opportunity to outrank your competitors and establish a new business identity. The store admin can easily reach its audience without making a lot of strategies. The mobile app can increase sales, boosts conversion, and reduce bounce rate and cart abandonment of the eCommerce store. 

Why You Should Choose Knowband For Mobile App?

Knowband offers all the premium features that make your OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App more user-friendly and make your eCommerce business stand out in the eCommerce industry. So, in order to reap all the benefits, You can go for Knowband plugins. The Android and the iOS app provide you all the amazing features that you are looking for such as real-time synchronization, Push notifications, branding, layout customization, etc. OpenCart Plugin will help you to increase your business revenue by providing all the features, you need to grow your online business. These are the 3 steps using which the store admin can easily transform the eCommerce store into the mobile app.

1. Integration Of Extension

The store admin can purchase the OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder plugin from the Knowband website.

2. Building An App

The store admin requires to fill the pre-requisite form and share the requirements with us. We will develop the eCommerce app by considering all the merchant needs and wants.

3. Publish The App

Once our experienced developers have developed the Android and iOS app, the store admin can review and confirm to publish it on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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Key Features In Readymade OpenCart Android and iOS Apps:

1. Branding For White Label Android and iOS Apps

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder provides the complete branding solution to the store admin.  The mobile app can be launched under the store admin business name and account. The store admin can conveniently add the logo, name, splash screen, banners, and so on without third-party intervention.

2. Layout Customization In Admin Panel 

The store admin can choose and customize different layouts in OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App. The store admin will change the whole look and feel of the mobile app by just using intuitive colors and fonts. The shop admin just has to make the necessary changes to the admin panel and it will automatically be reflected on the front end. The module backend also offers a lot of blocks and designing elements with drag and drop editors to create any layout. 

3. Easy login Options

Customers can conveniently log in to the OpenCart Mobile App using the Google, Facebook, E-mail login, and registration options. For a quick one-top login, customers can also use the phone number (OTP) and fingerprint login option.

4. Multi-language Support Including RTL 

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker module allows the store admin to target multiple countries/locations with the shopping app. The mobile apps support all languages available on the eCommerce store. It also supports RTL (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc.) and translates the mobile app language according to the needs of potential consumers.

5. Multi Payment And Shipping Supported

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator supports all payment and shipping options available on the eCommerce website. It helps online shoppers to easily choose the most appropriate payment and shipping option to get ease in the transaction process.

6. Easy And Convenient Checkout Process 

It is somewhat irritating for the customer to fill in unrequired details while checking out from the Android and iOS apps. A simplified checkout process in Mobile App for OpenCart is used to maximize the sales graph. It also offers easy checkout options to allow users to purchase the product in only a few clicks.

7. Real-Time Synchronization

Due to the real-time synchronization option, the eCommerce store inventory is automatically synchronized with the mobile app. Any changes made to the website product inventory will be reflected on the eCommerce app in the run time. The OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to manage the Android and iOS applications easily and efficiently.

8. Push Notifications

The Mobile App for OpenCart allows the store admin to send push notifications regarding offers and discounts to the users at any time. It’s also possible to add banners, images, and links to the notification. The store admin can schedule the notification to send automatically or manually.

9. 24*7 Chat Support

The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App module includes Zopim and Whatsapp chat feature. The customers can reach out to the store admin at any time to get their queries answered. The store admin can use this reliable chat support to quickly respond to customer queries and concerns.

10. Compatible With Marketplace-

The OpenCart mobile app builder is compatible with the online OpenCart marketplace. The compatibility of the module allows the sellers to get registered in the mobile app and start selling their products to the customers. The sellers can also select the targeted or geographical region to sell the products.


The Knowband team offers free support for store owners to build an Android/iOS application. The OpenCart mobile app has all the essential functions and customized options to raise your company sales. By converting the eCommerce store into an Android/iOS app, it allows you to meet millions of prospective customers with a single tap of a mobile device. To know more about it in detail and want to get guidance about OpenCart Mobile App Builder you can contact us at [email protected]

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