Top 10 Features Of Your OpenCart Mobile Application

The majority of eCommerce store owners are shifting towards mobile apps because of the current technological advancements. According to the latest research, by the end of the year 2021, it is estimated that mobile commerce will be responsible for half of the global eCommerce sales. This statics is enough to prove that mobile apps are the near future for eCommerce businesses.

So, there is an urgent need for eCommerce stores to convert the eCommerce store into the native app. Shopping apps gives endless opportunities to the eCommerce business and gives a competitive edge to survive in the market.

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder transforms the eCommerce website into the Android and iOS app without any coding language. It is based on no-code technology and can easily launch apps in the Google Play and Apple App Store. It runs seamlessly and smoothly on all platforms and comes with real-time synchronization. The OpenCart Mobile App plugin by Knowband will help you to transform your dreams into reality with all the features improving traffic and drive more sales to your business.

Major Features with Mobile Apps for OpenCart:

It is always important to consider all the necessary features before launching the Android & iOS app for OpenCart. Here are some of the major ones listed below:

1. Customization of Home Screen:

Most of the mobile apps do not allow store admin to perform any changes or consist of a rigid design. The store admin needs to learn coding and technical language in order to perform any changes.

But, the Mobile App for OpenCart is fully customizable and configurable. It gives a lot of customization options to store admin to change the whole look & feel of the app. The store admin can create any beautiful layout design simply by using the drag & drop function from the admin panel of OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App. The store owner can change the home screen design of the app even after it is live.

2. Both Mobile & Tablet Responsive:

The OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder is not a platform and device-dependent. It comes with an interactive user interface that catches the user’s attention and works perfectly on Android, iOS, tablet, iPhone, or iPad. The OpenCart Mobile App automatically gets optimized according to all screen sizes.

3. Real-time Synchronization:

Real-time synchronization is one of the most important features of the OpenCart Android App Builder. The complete store inventory gets synchronized with the shopping app and the website updates are reflected on the app in real-time. The changes/updates performed by the store admin will automatically reflect on the Android and iOS app on run time.

4. Payment and Shipping Options:

It is very important to give transaction ease to the customers. The customer feels more secure and confident when they found the desired payment and shipping option while shopping via a mobile app. All the website payment and shipping options automatically get integrated into the OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App. Using multiple payment and shipping options is the best way to drive more sales to the eCommerce app and give an enhanced customer experience.

5. All Language Support (RTL):

The OpenCart Android & iOS App Maker is designed in a way so that it is compatible with all the regional, local and global languages. The RTL (Right To Left) language is also supported on the mobile app (Android & iOS) like Arabic, Hebrew, etc. The user only has to choose the desired language & the app will be translated into that on its own.

6. White Label Apps:

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker is a white-label app builder that allows the store admin to launch the app under their store brand name. The white-label apps help in better branding and enhancing the reach and visibility of the Android & iOS apps. The store admin can include the logo, splash screen, name, app icon, etc from the admin panel of the extension.

7. Unlimited Push Notifications:

Push notification is the most important feature when it comes to driving traffic and sales. The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App allows to send push notifications to the customers about the current discounts, offers, and updates for Android and iOS apps. The store admin can send manual and automatic notifications to the users. Push notifications feature of OpenCart Mobile App is used to lure customers to the website and improve the engagement rate.

8. Order Status Update:

It is important to give order status to the customers to keep them updated and informed. The OpenCart Mobile App Builder consists of order status features that make users aware of the delivery status in real-time. The Android app keeps the user updated by the order status option or by sending push notifications.

9. Easy Login and Checkout Option:

Many users abandon the Android & iOS app because of inconvenient login and checkout options. The OpenCart Mobile App Creator consists of easy social and email login and registration options. The social login options include Facebook, Google, etc.  The users can easily access to the eCommerce app with Phone no or fingerprint login.

The single-page checkout of Mobile App for OpenCart makes the purchase easier by preventing the users to fill up the unnecessary information while checking out. Customers can also take the benefit of using coupon and discount options.

10. 24*7 Customer Support

It is necessary to have a reliable customer support option in the shopping app. When an online purchase is concerned, customers might face queries and issues and it is important for the store admin to get them resolved. This will gain the customer’s trust and make them more secure. The OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder consists of inbuilt WhatsApp & Zopim chat options that give 24*7 support to the customer with the solution in no time.


It is now vital for every eCommerce business to move towards OpenCart Android App Builder to boost conversions & revenue. Knowband helps you to stay ahead of your competitors and provides you with all the above-mentioned features in OpenCart Mobile App. You can also send us an email at [email protected]

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