Native OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile Apps With Admin Panel

Developing OpenCart Mobile Apps is now completely code-free & even store owners from non-technical backgrounds can also do the same. So, the OpenCart Mobile App Maker can be used on the existing eCommerce website and Android/iOS apps can be launched.  Earlier, in order to create or manage shopping apps, the store admin needed to know how to code or have technical skills. The OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile Apps offers a pair of full-fledged eCommerce mobile apps with all the necessary features and functionalities. Moreover, many eCommerce businesses have already shifted towards mobile app development with a touch of digitization. So in this blog post, we will tell you how the store admin can enhance the potential leads and sales from the mobile-based audience. 

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1. White Label Branded Apps –

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator allows business owners to launch an Android app and iOS app under the website’s brand name and value. Thus, the store owner can add a company logo, app name, app icon, banners, screen splash, color schemes, etc. With complete branding, the mobile application will also achieve complete exposure and popularity among the mobile audience.

2. Dynamic Home Screen –

The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App allows the store owner to easily configure the home screen layout from the admin panel. The look and feel or design of the mobile app home screen can also be changed with a few mouse clicks and settings. The DIY editor also allows the eCommerce merchant to modify the entire home screen layout with relevant banners, images, and categories, and other blocks, etc. Hence, the positioning of the multiple blocks can be handled with a simple drag and drop feature. 

3. Easy Login Options –

The eCommerce business owner can allow social login options like Facebook and Google on the Android and iOS App. The users can also register/log in with an email address in the eCommerce mobile app. The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App can also allow the Fingerprint and Phone Number (OTP) option in the mobile app.

4. Multilingual & RTL Support-

The OpenCart mobile eCommerce app supports every global and regional language including the RTL scripts (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu, etc). Hence, all languages and currencies of the eCommerce website will be available on the Android and iOS apps.

5. All Payment & Shipping Methods Support-

The OpenCart Android/iOS App Builder supports all eCommerce website payment and shipping options. The eCommerce mobile app helps users  to choose their desired payment and shipping options while purchasing products.

6. One Page Checkout–

The OpenCart iOS App Maker allows the eCommerce merchants to complete the purchases seamlessly with single page checkout. The customer can also easily complete transactions by filling in the only necessary information. Easy order submission will definitely lead to more conversions.

7. Real-Time Synchronization-

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator synchronizes the eCommerce inventory (products and categories) with the OpenCart Mobile App. So, all the changes performed on the eCommerce website inventory will be reflected on the shopping app in real-time. 

8. Unlimited Push Notifications –

Push notifications are a reliable marketing tool used for attracting the attention of online customers to recent sales, discounts, abandoned carts, promotions, discounts, etc. So, the OpenCart Mobile App allows the store admin to send the push notification manually and automatically from the admin panel. 


There are a number of customization options and other advanced features available in the OpenCart Mobile App Builder. Hence, every OpenCart store owner can quickly launch a featured pair of Android and iOS Apps and expand their business to new heights. Moreover, the Android and iOS Mobile App offer a smooth user experience for app users. For more details, please contact us at [email protected].

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