Upgrade Your Checkout Process With OpenCart One Page Checkout

Would you like to simplify the checkout process at your Opencart store? Knowband’s OpenCart One Page Checkout is the ideal choice to consolidate a brilliant and speedy variant of checkout at your eCommerce store. Furthermore, it shows a responsive checkout popup with no extra page loading. Also, this module reduces cart abandonment as well as increases client engagement for your store. Because of mind-boggling steps, a large number of clients exit from the store. So, why not improve the checkout process of the site?

OpenCart One Page Checkout attracts more visitors finishing their orders, hence driving an immediate impact on your bottom line.

Features Of One Page Checkout for OpenCart

1. With the OpenCart fast checkout extension, you can permit or deny newsletter subscriptions for your eCommerce store.

2.The toggle button is easy to enable and disable. This button is provided at the back office of the OpenCart simplified checkout module.

3. Furthermore, OpenCart responsive checkout popup provides a guest registration feature resulting in the registration of the client automatically and sends the password for future use.

4. Using the OpenCart fast checkout extension, the visitor checkout feature added can be enabled or disabled accordingly.

5. Moreover, the custom CSS code can be included in this extension.

6. The social login options, for instance Google and Facebook, offered by OpenCart simplified checkout module. Also, these social login options are configurable from the backend.

7. OpenCart fast checkout extension permit you to show/hide payment and shipping address fields contrastingly for signed-in and visitor clients of the store.

8. These custom address fields added using this plugin can be kept optional or mandatory from the back-end of the office.

9. The extension permits you to set an ideal title as well as the logo picture for each of the payment and shipping methods. These are further added to the super checkout page.

10. An order comment field on the responsive checkout page incorporates OpenCart responsive checkout popup.

11. Supports multi-lingual as well as multi-store compatibility.

12. Offers a responsive layout for the checkout popup.

OpenCart quick checkout extension Benefits Offered to Admin

1. The cart abandonment rates which convert more clients, controlled by the OpenCart fast checkout extension.

2. Without causing any page reloads OpenCart responsive checkout popup opens as an ajax-driven form.

3. Store merchants can offer payment and shipping methods accordingly during product checkout with the help of this extension.

4. Furthermore, the Newsletter subscriptions for the store, increased effectively using Mailchimp Integration functionality.

OpenCart responsive checkout popup Benefits Offered to Customers

1. Extension offers a quick checkout approach to customers so they get the items in their hands without confronting any checkout complications.

2. Its layout is compatible with mobile as well as tablet.

3. The layered checkout popup incorporated using the extension offers step-by-step visibility of steps and thus a spotless checkout structure to clients.

4. Clients can easily understand its form.


Why Knowband?

Knowband offers plugin development services to upgrade the functionality of your eCommerce stores. Further, for providing best-in-class plugin development, Knowband has hired experienced developers.

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