How does Opencart One Page Checkout Increase Sales and Profits on your OpenCart Store?

OpenCart is a free open source e-commerce platform that provides a professional and reliable foundation to online dealers helping them to build a successful online store. This establishment offers a wide variety of users; ranging from seasoned web developers who are searching for a user-friendly interface to use, to shop owners who are planning to launch their business online for the first time.

OpenCart has several features that give you a solid hold over the customization of your store. OpenCart comes with tools, if used efficiently, that can help you in building an online e-commerce store.

Importance of Knowband’s OpenCart One page Checkout in e-commerce 

OpenCart One Page Checkout is faster:

Regardless of the way that the number of structure fields to fill are practically the equivalent between single-page and multi-page checkouts, it actually takes less effort to finish the one-page checkout since customers don’t have to trust that the various pages will stack or invigorate.

Knowband’s OpenCart One Page Checkout extension comes with a psychological advantage:

The way that customers can see precisely how far along the cycle they are, and the number of steps they have left to finish the buy, demonstrations like a mental sponsor propelling them to complete what they’ve begun.

No navigation:

Since all the fields are in the same spot, clients don’t have to explore between various pages on the off chance that they need to alter or change the data they entered. It kills the chance of customers dropping off on the off chance that they need to return similar subtleties each time they return in the program.

How does OpenCart Fast Checkout extension increase sales and profit?

  • For diverting the audience traffic towards online stores one has to put a lot of effort. At the point when you apply a quick checkout module to your store, you make it easier for shoppers to complete checkout. OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro decreases cart abandonment, increases the sales conversion, and leads to a good shopping experience loved by every customer who visits the store. Hence, it’s good to opt for OpenCart One Page Supercheckout for your e-commerce store.
  • In OpenCart One Step Checkout extension all the information is mentioned on one single page. The data of address, delivery/payment methods each information is mentioned on the same page and this process saves a lot of time. OpenCart Single Page Checkout extension is convenient to use.
  • Opencart One Page Checkout extension comes with another advantage, good support. It supports all the Shipping measures and installment gateways utilized by Opencart offering buyers greater installment alternatives. The payment options include COD, PayPal, PayPal Express Checkout, PayPoint, and so on.
  • OpenCart Fast Checkout extension provides a superior client experience, which makes clients return and utilize the online shop once more. This is one of the modules that can improve the deals of the online Store. OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro keeps the checkout process simple and clean.

Features like easy for development, reliable and flexible, and SEO friendly are found in Opencart therefore one can trust it if it’s about increasing sales and profits.

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