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Many times, clients can’t buy items from your site because of the language and currency barrier. Moreover, the eCommerce store admin can execute automatic language and currency converter via OpenCart language and currency converter. Furthermore, this module automatically changes the default language and currency of the eCommerce store. Knowband also offers this OpenCart language and currency switcher to execute auto-switching language and currency functionality. This feature-rich module changes the language and currency as per the client’s country details. 

OpenCart language and currency converter

The OpenCart language and currency converter permit changing language and currency according to nations. The OpenCart Auto change language module changes over the language and currency simultaneously whenever clients visit the website or eCommerce store. Along these lines, the online clients can see the store details as well as currency data in preferred language and cash.

 OpenCart Auto change language and currency Module Features:

  • This OpenCart Auto change currency module consequently switches the Language and Currency of the store according to clients geolocation.
  • This OpenCart auto switch language and currency module utilize the client’s IP addresses to get country and district details.
  • The admin can set language and money for various nations. The clients can see the store details according to this set-up.
  • This OpenCart language and currency auto switcher is SSL Compatible.
  • The OpenCart Auto Change Language and Currency module offer theme compatibility.
  • Furthermore, auto change language and currency module are multi-lingual viable and multi-store compatible too.
  • Admin can also likewise set a common language and currency for every nation.

Benefits to the Merchants:

  • Moreover, the admin can set language and currency for various nations.
  • The OpenCart Auto Change Language and Currency module gives a choice to set a common language and currency for each nation.
  • By offering store details in the client’s preferred language and money, the store admin can offer a superior store insight to the clients through OpenCart Automatic language and money converter.
  • Moreover, by carrying out this functionality, the store admin can increase the opportunity for conversion.
  • Furthermore, the admin can offer items universally with no language and money hurdle.

Benefits to the Users:

  • The online clients can see the store details in their language that forces them to go for instant purchase.
  • The online clients can see the prize details in their preferred currency type. 
  • The clients can shop from the site with no language and currency-related concerns.


Why Knowband OpenCart auto switch language and currency?

Knowband offers Opencart plugin development services to upgrade the functionality of your eCommerce stores. Moreover, Knowband is known for offering best-in-class extensions to Opencart store owners for better results. 

If store owners have any doubt about this module or any other plugin can write to Knowband at [email protected].

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