Opencart Referrals plugin- new way to boost revenue

Introducing Opencart Referrals plugin

Knowband’s Opencart Referrals plugin enables business owners to become affiliate customers and earn commissions for each referral. Moreover, affiliate customers can earn rewards in a variety of ways by introducing the store to their friends, family, and other recognized individuals. Additionally, the administrator can boost revenue and attract new customers to their websites. The Affiliate Program plugin for Opencart allows the administrator to manage affiliate commissions.

Opencart Referrals plugin

How crucial is the Opencart Referrals plugin for store admin?

Opencart Affiliate and Referral Extension is crucial for Opencart store admin as it provides some of the efficient benefits to Opencart store merchants.

Customers or visitors can become affiliates :

  • With the assistance of the Opencart Referrals Plugin, customers or website visitors can become affiliates. Furthermore, the Opencart Referral plugin also helps the administrator raise brand awareness by allowing affiliates to share the store and products with additional people.

Specify different commissions for affiliates :

  • Using the Opencart Affiliate & Referral Extension, the admin can specify different commissions for affiliates. Further, Opencart store administrators can use the Opencart Affiliate Program plugin to see information about affiliates, referrals, commissions, and payouts in the admin interface.

Increases sales :

The Opencart Affiliate & Referral plugin can help business owners increase sales. Further, the Referral Program plugin allows the administrator to provide affiliates with multiple options for exchanging referral links. The admin may simply set up the Affiliate and Referral programs without any coding skills.

What are the benefits offered by Opencart Referrals plugin to customers?

Helps earn customers better

  • With the Opencart Referrals plugin, customers can earn money or benefits by referring others to the Opencart website. Anyone, whether a client or a website visitor, can become an affiliate. Customers can also use the Opencart Affiliate Program extension to share the referral link in a variety of methods. For instance, via code, link, email, and social networking platforms.

Customers can submit payout requests to the store admin

  • To receive their referral commission, customers can submit a payout request to the administrator. Referred customers can use their vouchers at affiliates’ stores. Thanks to the Affiliate & Referral Program, referred clients can use the vouchers as discount coupons on the website.

Final take on Opencart Affiliate and Referral Program extension

The Opencart Affiliate and Referral Program plugin allows the administrator to allow customers to become affiliates. Moreover, the Opencart Affiliate Program extension allows the admin to offer rewards to the affiliate customers on each referral. Using the Opencart Referral plugin, the admin may control how affiliates exchange referral links with their family, friends, as well as other contacts.

Why trusting in Knowband plugins is great for your online eCommerce business?

Knowband is famous for offering efficient custom development as well as support services. Furthermore, as an e-commerce development firm, it provides efficient plugins for different e-commerce platforms. Platforms including Prestashop, Opencart, Magento, and so on. The modules are designed to improve the functionality of your stores.

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