Prevent Website From Bad Bot With Opencart spam blocker module

A smart method to prevent awful bot visits on the store utilizing the IP address, country, and user-agent is the Opencart Block Bot module. Furthermore, obstructing unessential traffic with the Opencart spam blocker module assists with shielding the site from likely dangers and malware. Further, the Opencart Block Bot module offers a natural interface to deal with the unblocking request of the clients. Hence, you can save certified clients from being hindered by the site administrator. 

With the Opencart spam blocker module, the admin can show the ideal block message to the restricted clients of the store.

Opencart spam blocker module Functioning

Three direct and effortless means to banish various IPs, country, or user-agent from entering your store provided by Opencart Block User/bot by Country module. Discussed below.

Block by IP

With the help of the Opencart Block User/bot by IP, the site admin can enter the suspected IP address and prevent them from entering the store. Moreover, they can block a specific IP address or the total IP address range by utilizing * to block every one of the IPs lying around there. Further, the form can be or 223.190.77.*, depending on the requirement. Once in the wake of hindering IPs, the restriction can be incapacitated from the backend.

Block by Country

In case, your online Opencart store is not offering services to specific countries or wants to hide explicit data in some country, using the Opencart spam blocker module blocking all users of that country from viewing the site is possible. For this, mention the name of the country under the Block by Country tab at the back-end.

Block by User-Agent

Opencart Block bot/user by user agent module permits the functionality to mention the name of the specific user agent to block access to the website. Furthermore, it can be any user-agent. Including Chrome, Mozilla, Bingbot, Msnbot, Twengabot, Facebook, and others.

Features of Opencart spam blocker module:

1. With a single click, the admin can enable or disable the blocker functionality of Opencart Block User/bot by IP module from the back-end.

2. An effortless way to block the user/bot of a specific IP address, country code and a user agent.

3. For banishing a wide scope of clients from the store, the store merchant can block the entire country. Furthermore, it can even block the whole range of IP addresses from the admin panel.

4. Furthermore, the banishment created using Opencart Block User/bot by Country module, can be created or deleted according to the website needs.

5. Opencart spam IP blocker module allows the admin to show a custom error message to the blocked users of the store. Like the blocked users will be shown a white page with the message ‘You are not permitted to get to the page’.

6. Furthermore, blocked users will receive error message or block message on the frontend. And these messages can be customized from the back-end of the Opencart Block Bot module.

7. The banned visitors offered an option to send a request to unblock them using Opencart Block User/bot by IP extension. Moreover, these user unblocking requests can be approved or rejected by the merchant from the back-end.

8. The most important aspect of this module is- multi-store compatible and works smoothly over the latest version of Opencart.

9. Opencart admin can show/hide the header and footer to the blocked users if he wants to use this Opencart IP Spam Blocker module.


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