Benefits Offered By Opencart Block Bot Module To Merchants

Blocking a suspected IP or user agent from visiting the eCommerce website can happen due to several reasons. In this digital world, bots can be of both both types – good or bad. Good Bot like Google Bot is beneficial to a certain extent as it indexes content across the website. This also assists with improving its ranking status. On the other hand, bad bots are the ones that harm your eCommerce website once entered. Moreover, these bad bots enter the website with malicious plans and thusly harm the privacy of the client information.

Opencart Block Bot Module

 Opencart Block Bot Module Knowband is highly recommended to store merchants as it provides full control to block unwanted traffic and irrelevant clients from accessing the site information. Furthermore, the  Opencart Block Bot Module prevents speculated clients or bots in large numbers from entering into your store. Moreover, this steals website data without your knowledge.

Along with that, the OpenCart Block User extension is the smartest way to prevent bad bot visits on the store utilizing the IP address, country, and client-agent. Opencart spam blocker extension helps in blocking. Moreover, this extension offers a shield to the website from potential threats as well as malware. OpenCart spam blocker module also offers an intuitive interface to deal with the unblocking requests of the clients. Hence, the store merchants can save genuine users from getting blocked by the site admin. Moreover, the admin can show the desired block message to the banned users of the store with using extension. 

Features of Opencart Block Bot Extension:

1. Enable or disable the blocker usefulness of Opencart Block User/bot by IP Module simply with a single click from the backend.

2. To block the client/bot of a particular IP address, country code just as client specialist, admin need to install Opencart Spam Ip Block module on their eCommerce platform as it is an easy method.

3. For banishing a wide scope of clients from the store, the Opencart store admin can impede the whole country or the entire scope of IP address from the admin panel. 

4.Opencart spam IP blocker module permits the admin to show a custom error message to the blocked clients. Further, a white page with the message ‘You are not permitted to access the page’ shown to blocked clients.

5. The error message or block message flashed on the front end of blocked users can be altered from the back-end of the Opencart Block Bot module. 

6. With Opencart Block User/bot by IP extension, the prohibited guests given an alternative to sending a request to unblock them. Further, these client unblocking requests can be either approved or rejected by the store admin from the backend.

Merchant benefits Offered By OpenCart Block Bot module:

1.This Opencart module is the most ideal approach to keep spammers or malicious clients from going into the eCommerce site.

2.OpenCart spam blocker module helps to keep irrelevant clients out of the eCommerce. With the help of the Opencart Block User Module, store merchants can drive traffic to eCommerce stores.

3.The varied blocking options offered by Opencart Block Bot Extension guarantees no veritable/genuine visitor boycotted from the store.

4.Installing the Opencart Spam IP Block module, store admin requires zero coding knowledge. Hence, this extension is easy to setup.


Knowband, the main name as an eCommerce development company gives Opencart plugin development services to store admin. Moreover, the Knowband plugins result in better functionality of eCommerce stores because of the team of experienced Opencart developers. 

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