3 features that make Knowband OpenCart Gift the product Beneficial

Who doesn’t like free gifts, especially while you are shopping. Receiving a sample of facewash with the original product will make you smile which will lead to better customer engagement. Hence, we recommend Knowband Opencart Gift The Product extension.

Knowband Opencart gift the product

Knowband Opencart gift the product is the most effective way of holding customers. This extension allows clients to purchase more items by providing them a free gift on a purchase of defined cart value. The important aspect that makes this extension unique, store merchants can pick products according to themselves for gifting. In simple words, store merchants are free to gift products according to their choice and can set the cart item value from the admin panel.

Further, the store merchant can pick the layout that they want to show on the front end from the admin panel. This leads to better customer engagement and attracts them to purchase from your online store.

Key features of Knowband Opencart gift the product extension

  • Opencart product purchase reward permit Opencart admin to decide from different layouts. These layouts help the admin to display the gifts at the front end to the clients. Moreover, the admin is free to manage the range of items that he/she wants to display to the clients.
  • Using the Opencart product purchase reward, store merchants can manage several free gift items which need to be shown to clients to select from. Moreover, the extension permits store merchants to raise the average order value by offering free gifts at a specific cart amount.
  • Opencart Gift the Product is recommended to store merchants as it is mobile responsive. Furthermore, the Opencart reward gift module leads to a better shopping experience for mobile users. Opencart Gift the Product extension is multi-store compatible and supports multilingual stores.

3 features that make OpenCart Gift The Product Extension Different

1. Better Customer Engagement

For a successful online business, customer engagement plays a vital role. Therefore, the Opencart product purchase reward is a must-have. Customer engagement means a way by which a company creates a relationship with its client base to foster brand loyalty and awareness.

Using this extension, store merchants can provide free gift items at a specific cart amount that leads to an increase in the average order value. Moreover, permits the administrator to build client engagement as they may be keen on getting free gift item on orders.

Price rules can be set differently to provide free gifts at different cart values.

2. Allows admin to design website frontend accordingly

Opencart promotion gift extension allows the admin to select any layout from the options provided. Moreover, the layout section offers two options- a sliding list of products and a Normal listing of products. Using the extension, the store merchant can select the layout that he feels will look best on the front end.

The desired changes can be made from the back-end of the Opencart reward gift module.

3. Clients Can Select Free Gift and purchase more items.

Opencart gift product is not only beneficial to merchants but clients as well. Further, the module allows clients to pick the free gift according to their choice after reaching the eligible cart value to get free gift. Furthermore, clients can purchase more products to receive free gift items according to their choice on their order.


The extension offers great benefits for both- customers and store merchants. Therefore, highly recommended. Furthermore, the Opencart Gift the Product Extension permits the admin to offer a free gift to their clients depending on cart value. Moreover, the store merchant can set the desired cart values for clients eligible for a free gift. Knowband Opencart gift module is recommended to clients as Knowband offers best-in-class plugins resulting in better functionality of eCommerce platforms.

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