Why does your store need the OpenCart Spin and Win Extension?

While shopping on eCommerce online stores, we come across intelligent CTAs/Gamified interfaces that energize us to connect and profit limits. One such normal intuitive path is to offer OpenCart Spin and Win in the store. Indeed, believe it or not, the Spin wheel discount on the eCommerce website. When netizens spin such a wheel, they get anybody out of the relative multitude of limits referenced on the wheel. For online shoppers, this resembles a lottery for limits that can energize them to shop more.

So, what is the purpose of installing the OpenCart Spin and Win pop up? Below mentioned are the features of the Opencart Interactive pop up Extension that will help you understand the module better.

Features of the OpenCart Spin and Win extension

Keeps the customers engaged

The Opencart subscription pop up Extension offers a playful way of keeping the customers engaged on the web-store. Every customer loves to come on a website and stay glued to options that are playful and interactive. One of the examples is certainly the spin and win wheel and it is what keeps the visitors glued.

OpenCart Spin and Win Gamified UI

The Opencart Responsive pop up Extension features a Gamified UI that gives the feeling of winning big to the customers. When the control is in your hands of setting the prizes on the different blocks of the wheel and also which block should go maximum to the customers when rotated, the customers feel obliged on winning.

An easy way of acquiring email addresses

In order to get the prize/coupon code from the website, the visitors have to give their email address where the code will be delivered. Hence, even if the visitors don’t convert and buy anything at that moment, the Subscription pop up Extension is the best way to acquire their email addresses and push them to come again to use the coupon code.

OpenCart email integrator automatically syncs the data

The OpenCart exit-intent popup features an in-built email integrator that syncs the customer’s data in the MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Klaviyo account.

The OpenCart Spin and Win pop up pushes conversions

The whole intention of having the OpenCart Spin and Win plugin installed on your store is to increase sales in a playful way. Even if the customer doesn’t complete the purchase on the first go, the coupon codes earned by spinning the wheel will give them the motivation to go ahead and complete the purchase.

The OpenCart exit intent popup increases returning customers

When customers love what you offer on your website, they would want to come back again and again for more products or services. Having the Opencart Newsletter Subscription popup Extension on your store gives them all the more reasons to come back and finish their purchase or indulge in a new one.

The OpenCart Exit popup plugin is customizable

When you install the OpenCart Exit popup plugin on your OpenCart store, you can fully customize the module, configure it and personalize it as per your need.

So, these are the reasons why having the OpenCart Spin Wheel Extension in your store. It not only increases sales but also adds a playful feature on the front-end to attract new customers and helps you acquire email addresses. For any doubt or query, feel free to reach us at [email protected]

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