How would you describe OpenCart Exit Intent Popup?

OpenCart Exit Popup otherwise called OpenCart Exit Intent Popup is an incredible extension that assists you in withdrawing guests consideration when they are going to leave your site.

A popup instantly shows up when it is seen that the guest is attempting to take an exit. Further, the extension provides you with a chance to stop your guests at the last possible second from leaving your site. It is dependent upon how you utilize the popup to make guests stay on your site.

OpenCart Exit Intent Popup

How would you describe OpenCart Exit Intent Popup?

OpenCart Exit Popup is an addon that shows a popup on the website front when enabled. Furthermore, times when the customer tries to leave the web page from the upper side, this extension tries to stop them from leaving.
In other words, OpenCart Exit Intent Pop-up is best described as offers prior engaging popup themes. You can pick the ideal one starting from the drop list.

OpenCart Exit Intent Popup

Description of Opencart Exit Popup Extension

2.OpenCart Exit Popup permits the administrator to alter the popup content as per the objectives they need to accomplish through that popup.

Moreover, the extension provides three areas to indicate the popup content. OpenCart Exit Popup concocts different alternatives to design the popup show settings.

3. The OpenCart Exit Intent Popup allows you to indicate the bottom screen size on which the popup will be shown.

4. You can set the showcase recurrence of the popup which can be: on each visit, one visit each hour, one visit each day, one visit each week, or one visit each month.

OpenCart Exit Intent Popup

5. You can set a time limit after which the popup vanishes automatically. The term can be 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, or 40 seconds.

6. The Opencart Newsletter Subscription popup Extension additionally allows you to enable the functionality of the popup for a specific time frame period as it were.

For instance, in case you are running any mission or giving a restricted time deal and need to advance it through the popup, you can set the beginning and end date of the exit popup likewise.

7. With the OpenCart Exit Popup Email Subscription extension, you can choose the pages where you need to show or where you would prefer not to show the popup.

8. OpenCart Exit Intent Popup additionally gives you the choice to show the popup quickly, following a couple of moments, after a guest has looked down to some rate or when the client is attempting to exit.

OpenCart Exit Intent Popup

9. You can likewise restrict the popup show for chosen nations. Moreover, you can either display to guests coming from worldwide or select the nations where you need to show the popup.

10. OpenCart Exit Intent Popup has the email reverify functionality which, whenever enabled, would not permit a client to guarantee the coupon code twice. It just implies that a single email address can’t be utilized once more.

How much beneficial is OpenCart Exit Intent Popup to customers?

 Opencart Email Subscription pop up Extension is highly beneficial to clients as they can avail the exit popup offers.

For future shopping, they can even use discount coupon code. Furthermore, clients will receive daily as well as weekly updates from the store after they they signup newsletter subscription popup.

In short,

  1. The extension operates as both Entry and Exit Pop up.
  2. Opencart Newsletter Subscription popup Extension helps to design a popup and adjust the both – look and feel.
  3. Various Popup themes 
  4.  Edit the popup display setting
  5. Set up listdown coupon average
  6. Email Recheck 
  7. Email Synchronization through MailChimp and Constant Contact 
  8. Provide Multi-lingual Support
OpenCart Exit Intent Popup

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