Opencart alike product module- an extension store owners must use

Knowband’s Opencart alike product module permits the administrator to strategically cross-sell products that can help in improving the sales and enhance the client shopping experience. Moreover, Opencart alike product module allows the store admin to display few products according to their choice on different website pages. Website pages including landing page, item page, category pages, and so forth. Furthermore, Opencart Automatic Related Products Extension permit store merchant to set the position of the block to display.

OpenCart Automatic Related Products

There are numerous choices accessible for the store admin to display the related products in the related product item. For the item page, cart page, and order confirmation page, the administrator can set the desired filters like keywords or attribute to display items on the front end. Furthermore, the store admin can likewise set the maximum number of products to be shown. 

Features of Opencart alike product module making it unique:

  • This extension allows the store admin to display the related products on various website pages. For instance, landing page, product page, category page, cart page, and numerous different pages. 
  • Opencart related products plugin allows the store admin to show just the in-stock items in the related product block.
  • Opencart related products plugin allows the store admin to set the title voluntarily to display in the front end in the desired language. 
  • This Opencart Automatic Related Products extension can be shown depending on the store admin’s decision. 
  • This Opencart Automatic Related Products extension permits the administrator to choose the strategy for their decision to display products on the front-end.
  • Allows store merchants to position the block accordingly. The e-merchant can place the block either at the bottom, left column, or the right column of the page.
  • This extension allows the store admin to attribute & keyword filter for the selected pages. 
  • Opencart Automatic Related Products Extension allows store merchants to set a maximum number of products to be shown on each page. 
  • This module permits the administrator to set the need of the condition to show the items on the front-end.
  • Opencart alike product module is mobile responsive as well as compatible with multi-store and multi-lingual.

Installation Guide -Opencart alike product module

Before installing Opencart automatic Related Product, store merchants need to purchase the module from Knowband. Once bought, the administrator will get the following files:

  • The zipped file– Including the source code of this Automatic Related Product extension.
  • User Manual– Explains each feature in detail

After following the above steps, follow these steps to install the OpenCart Automatic Related Product extension:

Store admin needs to unzip the zipped file.


Furthermore, this file includes some files as well as folders and paste them into the “Modules” folder of the store’s directory. The Opencart admin can follow the path – Root Directory/modules/.

In the admin panel, click on extensions found in the left side menu. Now, click on Installer (Home->extension).


Once the OCMOD file is uploaded, your module will be ready to use.


Store owners can now install the Automatic Related Product extension. As an eCommerce store owner, the admin can find that in Extensions. 

Admin Interface

The Admin Interface of Opencart Related Products Plugin includes the following main settings:

  1. Basic Settings
  2. Home Page Settings
  3. Product Page Settings
  4. Category Page Settings
  5. Cart Page Settings
  6. Manufacturer Page Settings
  7. Order Confirmation Settings

To understand the above points, visit the user manual provided below.


Knowband’s Opencart Automatic Related Product Extension permit store admin to cross-sell products. This increases your sales and improves the user shopping experience on their websites. Moreover, using this extension, the store admin can display products accordingly on different website pages. Opencart Automatic Related Products Extensions offers complete freedom to store admin. Therefore, we recommend Opencart Automatic Related Product Extension.

Store Demo

Admin Demo

User Manual

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