Understanding OpenCart related products module for better sales

Every eCommerce store owner looks for better sales and tries to offer a superior shopping experience to clients. Unfortunately, even after adding several addons, the store admin couldn’t able to offer the desired shopping experience to clients. This leads to a negative impact on sales. To avoid these situations, OpenCart related products module is recommended.

What is the OpenCart related products module? 

OpenCart related products module permit the administrator to show related items on different pages of their website. Moreover, using this plugin, merchants can increase the average order value. Furthermore, it improves the client shopping experience on the website. OpenCart Related Products Plugin offers the feature of placing the position of the block to display. Further, store merchants can specify items or from different conditions to show items on the website.

OpenCart related product module

Why the OpenCart related products module?

The OpenCart Advance Related Products Extension offers some amazing features which make this plugin a must-have. The store admin can display the related products on various website pages. Including, the homepage, product pages, category pages, cart pages, etc.

OpenCart related product module
  • Using the module, the admin can display only in stock products in the related products block. Furthermore, OpenCart Alike product module allows the admin to set the title accordingly. This title will be displayed on the front end in the desired language. Furthermore, the extension can be displayed according to admin choice. 
  • OpenCart related product module permits store merchants to pick the method accordingly to display items on the front-end. With OpenCart Advance Related Product Extension, the admin can display the block anywhere. Admin can place the block either at the bottom, Left Column, or Right Column of the page. 
OpenCart related product module
  • Furthermore, the admin can set attribute & keyword filters for the selected pages. The module allows store merchants to set the maximum number of products. These products will be displayed on each page. 
  • Using OpenCart Advance Related Product Extension, the admin can set the priority of the condition to show the items on the front end. Moreover, these three features that makes OpenCart Alike product module a must-have- mobile responsiveness, multi-store compatibility, and multi-lingual compatiblility.

Is OpenCart Product Cross-Selling Module beneficial to merchants?

OpenCart Related Products Plugin is highly beneficial for store merchants. By cross-selling the product using this extension, the admin can increase the client’s cart value. Based on the different conditions, merchants can display the products. This attracts clients to add more items to their carts. 

OpenCart related product module
  • Knowband OpenCart Products cross-selling module allows admin to exclude out-of-stock products. Hence, out-of-stock products will not get displayed on the front end in the related products block. Further, this extension offers better and higher user engagement and improves user experience in their stores as well.
  • OpenCart Product Cross-Selling Module allows store merchants to set the block title according to their choice as well as in the desired language. Furthermore, store merchants can set the condition to display prices, including or excluding taxes.

Is OpenCart related products module beneficial to customers?

  • OpenCart related products module is beneficial for customers as well. Clients can view similar products of their choice on different pages of the website. Moreover, the interface of the module is appealing and mobile responsive. As a result, this leads to a better shopping experience. 
  • OpenCart related products module is even compatible with all browsers and languages, making browsing easier for users. Hence, clients can easily browse the store. 


 Knowband Opencart related products plugin is beneficial for your store. From merchants to clients, it has some amazing features for both of them. Knowband provide great plugins for different eCommerce platforms, OpenCart is one of them. Furthermore, Knowband developers work with complete dedication to offer clients plugins for enhancing the functionality of their store. 

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