Benefits of using Opencart eBay Marketplace Connector Extension

eBay Marketplace is one of the top leading online Marketplace globally. Selling goods on the eBay shop will bring the sellers one step closure to the millions of eBay users. Listing and serving the wide audience of the eBay Marketplace brings numerous advanced advantages for the store owners.

Knowband offers an OpenCart eBay Marketplace Connector extension for the OpenCart store owners. Using the OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integrator, the store admin can integrate the eBay store with the OpenCart shop. With the OpenCart eBay Connector module, the store admin can sync the products, categories, order, order status from OpenCart shop to eBay Store and vice-versa. OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Extension allows the sellers to locally sync the products from the OpenCart store to eBay Marketplace Connector. Inventory listed at the eBay store can be easily synced at the admin panel of the store.

Knowband,a renowned eCommerce development company, in the eCommerce business. Knowband offers connector modules for eBay, Etsy like Marketplace. The Marketplace Integration Module is available for platforms including PrestaShop, OpenCart and Magento 2.

Why you should choose the OpenCart eBay Marketplace Connector extension by Knowband?

  1. The OpenCart eBay Marketplace integrator offers an effortless installation and configuration procedure.
  2. Zero Technical or coding knowledge of admin is required to configure the eBay Connector.
  3. eBay Integration extension by Knowband is available at an affordable price.
  4. Besides, the hassle-free installation process, Knowband offers 3 months of full support on its eBay integration plugin.

Salient features of the OpenCart eBay Shop Integrator by Knowband are:

  • eBay Marketplace Integrator extension offers a user-friendly interface. Sellers can track and manage the various components at the eBay shop from a single interface.
  • The eBay OpenCart Connector plugin enables the sellers to bulk upload the product instead of manual listing. Listing products manually takes a lot of seller efforts and time.
  • eBay Marketplace integrator allows the seller to locally sync the products from the OpenCart store to the eBay marketplace integrator.
  • Sellers using the eBay Marketplace Connector Module can easily map the category and attribute of the stores.
  • Product details can be easily revised by a single click from the backend.
  • The seller can create multiple shipping templates from the admin panel of the store.
  • Sellers can track and update the orders received at the eBay Marketplace from the admin panel of eBay Marketplace Integrator.
  • Updated order status of orders received at the eBay store can easily be sync back at the eBay Marketplace.
  • Sellers can easily track the errors that occurred while listing or while running a cron job from the audit log tab.

To know in-depth about the other features, installation and working of the OpenCart eBay Marketplace connector extension, please refer to the User Manual.

In case of any query or confusion regarding the OpenCart eBay Marketplace Shop contact us at [email protected]

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