Reasons To Add OpenCart Gift Card On Ecommerce Website

OpenCart Gift Card is one of the best extensions in the eCommerce business. Gift vouchers are getting notoriety among the buyers as opposed to investing their energy to discover a gift, customers can send gift vouchers to their loved ones. One of the best examples of Gift Card is Amazon. Amazon includes a different Gift Card section on its store that is accessible in the header menu of the website. Clients visiting the store can discover Gift Cards for special occasions and make a purchase directly. This way client can save a lot of time and that leads to a better client experience.

Besides that, OpenCart Gift Card Manager permits the store admin to add a gift voucher segment to their eCommerce store. Gift vouchers are otherwise called e-vouchers or advanced gift vouchers that help the store admin to support the offers and obtain new clients.

Key Features Offered By OpenCart Gift Card Manager

Allows Admin To Set Minimum and Maximum Amount

With the help of an extension, store admin can set a minimum and maximum amount of a gift voucher. Therefore, clients can purchase under that limit. OpenCart Gift Card Extension offers the flexibility of creating unlimited gift vouchers.

Set Delivery days

The structure offers a choice to set the delivery dates on various days. The new version accompanies a basic however graphic pdf design created for the gift voucher. The admin can set an extraordinary prefix code to the gift voucher. Thanks to the OpenCart Gift Card Manager Plugin for the assistance.

Change the order status

Using Opencart Gift Card Extension, the admin can change the order status for the Gift Card orders. Store admin can screen all gift voucher buys. The admin can see the request data, request status, conveyance date, and client’s data. He can do it for the orders all in Gift Card Order area. The extension gives a choice of printing the order details.

Opencart Gift Card Manager Leads Better Sales

Opencart Gift Card Manager encourages admin to build the conversion rates on their store.

Allows Store Admin To Design Gift Card For Various Occasions

From anniversary to birthdays, from valentine’s to Mother’s Day, store admin can create gift cards for various occasions with the help of the OpenCart Gift Voucher module. Clients can buy and send the gift vouchers of a particular add-up to their companions, family, or associates. OpenCart gift voucher extension offers an alternative to show fix sum gift vouchers to the clients.


The extension is what store owners need for eCommerce websites. Knowband is a highly known face in the eCommerce industry that has been designing plugins for eCommerce platforms. Knowband offers Gift Card Manager Extension for the OpenCart platform. This extension offers an interface to the store admin to make a Gift Card section on the store. The admin can likewise have the alternative to advance the Gift Cards by showing the Gift Cards connect in the header menu, Call to Action button on the left, Store Footer, and My Account area.

Once this module has been enabled by store merchants on their store, they can begin selling the gift vouchers. The store clients can buy the gift vouchers for their use or send them to their companions or relatives through email.

Check out these links below to know more about the module.

Admin Demo

Front Demo

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