What can we expect from Opencart Gift Card Manager latest version?

OpenCart Gift Card Manager offered by Knowband is a must-have if you take your business seriously. This extension offers the ability to add the Gift Card section to the store to the store admin. Furthermore, you can add a gift cards link in different sections. Different sections, for instance, the header menu, the Call to Action button on the left, the store footer, and my account area. 

Opencart Gift Card Manager

Why Opencart Send Gift Card Extension?

Using OpenCart send gift card extension, Opencart merchants can sell gift cards once the module is enabled on the store. Furthermore, clients can purchase gift cards for themselves who shop at the business. Clients can even send them to their friends and beloved family members with the help of email. 

Opencart Gift Card Manager

If we talk about the latest version of the OpenCart gift card manager extension, the benefits are endless. Merchants can experience a better customer experience, can see a boost in revenue, and lots more from Knowband Opencart Gift Card Manager. To know more, scroll down.

Benefits offered by Gift Card Module for OpenCart updated version:

  • Well, the updated version of Opencart Gift Card Manager offers some special features such as a better user experience. Furthermore, developers have introduced a feature called “Print by yourself”. According to the Print by yourself option, online users get an additional email template after they select this option. Further, an additional email template accessible for sending an email notification to them and this email shall be forwarded to the person who sent the gift card. 
Opencart Gift Card Manager
  • With the updated version of OpenCart Gift Card Extension, online merchants can smoothly display a fixed amount as a drop-down menu. You can display it on the front-end interface of their website. Furthermore, a specific amount of gift cards can be chosen by online consumers and merchants can even utilize a comma in case they want to separate the gift card amount.
Opencart Gift Card Manager
  • The gift card module even allows store merchants to set the minimum as well as a maximum value for your gift card. This function can be performed via the admin interface of the module. Moreover, clients who purchase gift cards online need to select a value that is between the maximum and minimum quantities.
Opencart Gift Card Manager
  • One of the best feature of the extension is if customers choose the virtual gift card option they don’t need to pay delivery fees.

Can we expect additional benefits from OpenCart gift card vouchers?

1. Enhances customer experience:

Visitors can opt for a gift card instead of looking for the right present. Digital gift cards act as a savior when you have less time and want to go for something as good as a physical gift. Furthermorethe OpenCart gift card manager extension helps in saving a lot of time and provides them great store experience.

Opencart Gift Card Manager

2. Gift Card Module for OpenCart helps acquire new and potential clients:

The OpenCart Gift Card Manager Extension can assist you in gaining new consumers. Furthermore, you can urge your existing customers to send gift cards to their friends, family, or co-workers. This will help you reach out to new clients.

Opencart Gift Card Manager

3. Market gifts cards for higher sales:

 You can market gift cards during the holiday or festive seasons to gain more and more sales. Due to this feature, you will receive store visits and sales from clients who have received gift cards after the holidays.

Opencart Gift Card Manager

In the end

Gift cards are becoming increasingly popular among buyers since they allow shoppers to present gift cards to their loved ones rather than spending time hunting for a gift. And Amazon is its finest example.

Amazon has a dedicated Gift Card section, featured on the website’s header menu, and attracts visitors. Gift Cards selected for specific occasions, can be further purchased with a few simple clicks. Hence, you save time and can experience an increase in customer experience.

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