All You Need to Know About OpenCart Gift Card Extension

Gift vouchers can be created manually or if they want, they can purchase a gift voucher in Opencart. While making a manual gift voucher in Opencart, you’ll be incited to fill in similar information just like the customer would if they plan to buy a gift voucher via the front end of your website and if the customer has already purchased a gift voucher through the front end of your store, there is no need of setting it up manually. Designing a manual gift voucher can be done via the OpenCart dashboard. 

Why it’s good to have the OpenCart Gift Card Extension for your online business?

1. OpenCart Gift Card Extension increases the revenue of online businesses

OpenCart Send Gift Card Extension helps e-merchants in capturing new clients for their online business which helps in generating sales twice. The OpenCart Gift Card extension offers the freedom of sending gift cards to loved ones who ultimately come to your website to buy through received gift cards. 

If your site figures out how to make the correct impression on the clients, individuals with gift vouchers end up purchasing more than the worth that the card offers.

Another benefit of opting for the Opencart Gift Card Vouchers extension also helps in increasing the business’s reach in no time and even enhances the brand awareness of your eCommerce store among new customers.

2. Driving traffic to your website becomes easier with OpenCart Gift Card Extension

Gift cards and the right marketing strategy can help in pulling a lot more traffic than any other source. With OpenCart Gift Card Module, which is quite popular, you need not put extra effort into spreading messages across the world. Thus, within no time you’ll see an increase in traffic. Both the purchaser and beneficiary of the gift voucher will undoubtedly visit your online store. 

When opting for OpenCart Gift Card Module make sure you opt for social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. email marketing and target advertising as they help in spreading your message quite faster. Also, make sure you strike the right chords via your website and customer experience.

3. OpenCart Gift Card Extension is capable of bringing new customers

The last and the most important reason for picking the OpenCart Gift Card Extension, it provides great exposure to your business among those people who may not have visited or shopped from your website. Clients who know and love your business will buy gift vouchers for companions, assisting with developing your client base. 

OpenCart Send Gift Card extension can be used for making donations and for a local fundraising event and when you provide a gift card to fundraisers, that helps in boosting up your brand recognition, creating a reputation for being a business owner who supports their community. By providing a gift card instead of a product or service, you open the door for the recipient to use their prize and perhaps spend extra money in the process. 

OpenCart Send Gift Card extension is easier to install and integrate into the online store as it does not require any coding efforts.

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