Are spambots getting on your nerves? Use Opencart Google reCaptcha

Done with spambots? Then Opencart Google reCaptcha extension is a must-have extension for you. Furthermore, the module includes all the benefits which a merchant requires for an efficient e-commerce business. From easy installation to configuration, the extension has everything.

Opencart Google reCaptcha

Furthermore, there is no need of adding a human verification check manually as everything functions on a simple click function.  To set up the site key and secret key from the backend of this extension, you need to finish the entire step-by-step instructions provided. You may even enable or disable the Opencart Google reCaptcha extension for the selected pages at your Opencart store. Lastly, the module prevents bots from automatically filling out forms and using the site’s services.

Opencart Google reCaptcha

Besides the above benefits, the Human verification Opencart extension offers some incredible features that are listed below:

Google Recaptcha Opencart extension features you must know-

Feature 1: Better security

By integrating a security verification mechanism on the login, registration, and contact us pages, the OpenCart Google reCaptcha plugin increases the security of your website. Furthermore, Human verification in Opencart works by determining whether the visitor is a human or a bot.

Feature 2: Opencart Google reCaptcha Restricts the entry of spambots

This Knowband extension can prevent the entry of spambots at your site.

Opencart Google reCaptcha

Feature 3: Opencart Google reCaptcha can be incorporated on different pages

Human verification Opencart extension can be incorporated and can be displayed on different pages such as customer login page, client registration page, client contact page, and even on customer forgotten password page.

Opencart Google reCaptcha

Feature 4: Compatible

The Google ReCaptcha addon for OpenCart works with SSL-enabled websites. Furthermore, the OpenCart Google reCaptcha system is compatible with both the v2 and v3 reCaptcha systems.

Opencart Google reCaptcha

Feature 5: Multi-store and multi-lingual compatible

The add-on supports many stores and languages.

In the End

To detect and block suspicious bots coming on your website, integrate Opencart human verification to your website. Furthermore, the plugin even helps in maintaining the quality of your website content as it filters out irrelevant traffic.  

With this Opencart Google Captcha, you can prevent unnecessary entries to your store right on the login or registration page. Further, this human verification check is an excellent approach to distinguish between legitimate website visitors and spammers. Furthermore, the extension even allows visitors to do more actions at your store after verifying that they are human. Add this security check to your website as soon as possible, and deal with any unusual behavior or requests.

Why Knowband?

Opencart plugin development services are available from Knowband, a well-known eCommerce development agency, to assist you to improve the functionality of your online stores. Furthermore, our developers work with complete dedication and tirelessly to provide the best Opencart development and support services. In case of any concern, you may write us at [email protected]

Along with efficient modules, Knowband even offers post-sales support to customers to resolve their issues. Regardless of the day, we are available 24*7.

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