Avoid delivery issues with OpenCart prefer delivery time module

Each eCommerce business work on two significant factors- one getting orders from the internet and conveying the ordered item to the client’s location. Out of the two, getting and dealing with the orders is proficiently done by an eCommerce platform such as Opencart.  

OpenCart prefer delivery time module

 Notwithstanding, an eCommerce platform such as Opencart can manage with each one of the functionalities you need in an eCommerce site, it offers an element of Delivery time slots in its default nature.

Define OpenCart prefer delivery time module

Preferred delivery date and time module For Opencart which gives a facility of preferred delivery to the online clients. Furthermore, the e-merchant can implement this module and provide delivery on the client’s preferred date and time. 

OpenCart prefer delivery time module

The desired delivery time permits a client to pick a custom date on which the ordered item ought to be conveyed to his/her delivery address. Moreover, this feature has been authoritatively embraced by greater names like Amazon.

OpenCart prefer delivery time module even help organizations encounter an extraordinary increase in sales. Therefore, the need for a Preferred delivery time include is without a doubt essential when we see the cutthroat competition in the eCommerce market today.

OpenCart prefer delivery time module

How does OpenCart preferred delivery time module avoid late delivery issues? 

  • OpenCart prefer delivery time module offers some incredible features that lead that avoids delivery issues. The module provides the functionality to store merchants to pick desired delivery time as well as the module of the ordered product easily. Without much of the stretch, clients visiting your stores can efficiently pick both times and date required for delivery.
  • As an e-trader, you can likewise permit the clients to update the chose date as well as time even while placing an order. Moreover, Delivery time slots with accessible delivery days and time allotment for date and time choice. 
  • The store administrator can set the time allotment range and furthermore show a deficient time range from the admin panel of this Preferred delivery date and time module For Opencart. 
  • As a storekeeper, you can set the start and end times for delivery. The OpenCart prefer delivery time module permits the store admin to choose those occasions when he would not like to offer delivery. 
  • The store administrator can likewise set the order status from the administrator interface of this extension. Furthermore, there is no compelling reason to change even a single line of codes for executing this functionality of the Preferred delivery date and time module For Opencart.
  • OpenCart prefer delivery time module is mobile responsive and even compatible with all Opencart themes. 

In short,

  • This module allows clients to pick the ideal preferred date and time.
  • OpenCart preferred delivery date and time module allows clients to set characterize the start and end time. 
  • You may even set different delivery openings 
  • Determine non-delivery days 
  • Update the preferred date and time while placing an order.
OpenCart prefer delivery time module

Final thoughts

The eCommerce store administrator would now be able to permit the clients to set the conveyance date and time and get the request conveyance according to the inclinations. The clients can choose the order preferred date and time from accessible dates and time allotment. Thusly, the store shipper can further develop the client’s store insight. 

There are a few events like valentines day, birthdays in which clients need to choose the date and time. For such an event, the administrator can give this choice. The clients can undoubtedly choose the date and time for the item preferred.

Why Knowband OpenCart prefer delivery time module?

Knowband is known for offering some of the best plugins for eCommerce platforms to enhance the functionality of stores. These plugins help the admin to build a better and more smooth business. Along with modules, it offers efficient post-sales support to the clients.

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