OpenCart Automatic Related Products- Merchants Benefits You Must Know

OpenCart Automatic Related Products helps the eCommerce vendors to get the clients to build their cart value. Further, this is finished by showing the Related Products block toward the front. Henceforth, the shipper can show related items on the site pages. For instance Product Page, Home Page, Checkout Page, and others. Moreover, with the assistance of the OpenCart Automatic Related Product Module, the store administrator can without much of a stretch incorporate the element of showing related items on the site to create more deals.

Features of OpenCart Automatic Related Products

  • This extension permits the administrator to show the connected items on the landing page, item pages, classification pages, truck pages, and numerous different pages. 
  • Further, the administrator can show just the in-stock items in the connected items block. 
  • The administrator can set the title willingly to show toward the front in their ideal language. 
  • This Opencart Automatic Related Products plugin can be shown according to the administrator’s decision. 
  • This extension also permits administrators to choose the technique for their decision to show items toward the front. 
  • This plugin permits the administrator to show the square either at the base, Left Column, or Right Column of the page. 
  • OpenCart Automatic Related Products is completely portable responsive. 
  • Opencart related products plugin is both multi-store and multi-lingual viable. 
  • The administrator can also set the greatest number of items to be shown on each page. 
  • Opencart alike product module permits the administrator to set the need of the condition to show the items toward the front.

OpenCart Automatic Related Products Merchant Benefits

  • The store admin can build the client’s cart value by strategically pitching the items utilizing this extension.
  • The administrator can further show the items dependent on the various conditions which draw in clients to add more items to their truck. 
  • The merchant can show the connected items block either on the left segment, the right segment of the page base according to their decision. 
  • This administrator can avoid the unavailable items from appearing toward the front in the connected items block. 
  • The e-merchant can show particular items in the connected items block according to their decision. 
  • The extension allows the admin to set the number of items shown in the block.
  • The store merchant can expand client commitment and can improve the client experience in their stores. 
  • Can utilize the keywords and attributes to show items toward the front for some chose pages. 
  • The store admin can even set the block title voluntarily in the ideal language. 


Knowband’s Opencart Automatic Related Products Extensions permits the administrator to strategically pitch items. Moreover, this helps improving sales and enhance the client shopping experience on their sites. Further, using this store admin can show a few items according to their decision on various site pages. Including landing page, item page, class pages, etc. The admin can set the situation to show the connected items block. 

There are numerous choices accessible for the administrator to show the items in the connected items block. For the item page, cart page, and request affirmation page, the administrator can set the keywords and attributes to show items on the Front end.

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