Mesmerized with OpenCart Save for later extension features

Customers can explore your store and add things later with the OpenCart Save for Later extension to their account profiles. Furthermore, you can easily keep track of your client’s demands with the OpenCart save for later plugins. Furthermore, OpenCart Save for later extension enables you to investigate the most popular products in an interactive graphical format. The OpenCart Wishlist extension even improves the customer experience at your online business.

OpenCart Save for later extension

What are the features of OpenCart Save for later extension?

1. Maintain a private wishlist: 

Whether registered or non-registered consumers, all can build wishlists as well as save products for later use with the OpenCart Save For Later extension. Furthermore, you are free to add as many things are you want to the wishlist. 

OpenCart Save for later extension

2. Product Analysis offered by Opencart Advanced order list extension:

The OpenCart advanced wishlist extension even enables store managers to monitor product demand as well as identify the most popular items. Moreover, the OpenCart store administrator can examine the category/product analysis reports as a graph.

3. Customer Analysis offered by Opencart wishlist extension:

The favorite product list plugin for OpenCart allows the eCommerce shop to examine consumer lists based on the number of shortlisted products.

4. Opencart saves for later plugin provide Order Analysis

The Order listing tab is available in the OpenCart wishlist plugin. Furthermore, the store vendor can check the number of products that have been ordered after the buyer has narrowed down his or her choices in this area. Along with incredible benefits, Opencart Advance Wishlist Extension provides some great customer benefits that lead to higher revenue.

OpenCart Save for later extension

Customer Benefits of OpenCart Advanced Wishlist Extension you need to be aware-

Customers can store products they want to buy later in the OpenCart Advanced Order List Extension by marking them as favorites. Furthermore, the Opencart Advanced order list extension enhances the shopping experience for the customers.

Why do we highly recommend Opencart advanced purchase list module?

Wishlists have the potential to give internet retailers far more strategic value. Customers can save things “for later” on a Wishlist if they can’t commit to a purchase right now, and they can discover them easily when they return to your store. It also acts as a handy reminder of the things that made the cut, which is especially useful when building gift lists or making shopping lists for significant upcoming events like weddings, new births, housewarmings, and so on. This function is especially appealing to mobile buyers because it saves a lot of “browsing” time on a smaller screen.

OpenCart Save for later extension

The OpenCart Save for Later Extension allows your customers to save products they want to buy later in their Wishlist. This reduces the number of abandoned carts.

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