Opencart wishlist extension is must if you love your clients

There are times when we liked a certain product but is not willing to purchase or wish to keep it safe for future purchase. Opencart wishlist extension is recommended.

Opencart wishlist extension

What is the Opencart Wishlist extension?

Opencart Wishlist Extension offered by Knowband provides the benefit of improving client’s shopping experience. Furthermore, the wishlist has the power to provide deeper and more strategic value to online retailers. Customers can save things “for later” on a Wishlist if they can’t commit to a purchase right now. They can discover them easily when they return to your store.

Opencart wishlist extension

Does Opencart save for later modules offer any admin benefits?

With the assistance of OpenCart save for later module, identifying trends becomes easier. You can optimize merchandising tactics to capitalize on them. Furthermore, you can quickly and easily assess the success of your follow-up email marketing campaigns and determine which methods are most effective: do customers respond to flash deals, coupons, or free shipping offers?

Opencart wishlist extension

Admins are benefitted from the Opencart advanced purchase list module as it allows them to measure the effectiveness of entire marketing efforts with the help of tracking. You can track items that meet clients’ requirements and end up in their wishlists. Opencart save for later module allows you to analyze the data to view what customers save for later and what they buy, which will help you figure out what’s causing your sales problems. 

Opencart wishlist extension

Opencart save for later plugin offers customer benefits

The plugin provides benefits such as allowing them to make the products and save the products for a future purchase, to the customers. Moreover, Opencart Wishlist Extension enhances the client’s experience.

Opencart wishlist extension

In short,

Opencart saves for later addon by Knowband comes with various features and benefits. Further, it allows clients to maintain a private wishlist including guests and registered customers. Furthermore, the addon provides product analysis and customer analysis feature that helps in better sales and higher revenue. Moreover, Opencart advanced purchase list module offers an order analysis feature found in the Order listing tab. This feature of the Opencart Wishlist Addon allows merchants to see the number of items ordered after being shortlisted by the client.

Knowband Opencart save for later module even serves as a convenient way while making gift lists or drafting shopping lists for major future events. For instance weddings, new births, housewarmings, etc. It’s extremely important to remember oneself of the things that made the list. This feature appeals to mobile customers because it reduces the amount of time spent “browsing” on a smaller screen.

Why Knowband?

The plugins offered by Knowband for different platforms are useful for your store. Knowband is an eCommerce development company that offers Opencart Plugin Development services. These services improve and enhance the functionality of your store as well as your business. Moreover, Knowband’s team of developers works with complete dedication to provide what’s best for your store. 

If you want to add a feature to your Opencart site, chances are an Opencart plugin will let you do it; if you can’t find one, you can always contact us for custom plugin creation. Hence, you can rely on Knowband plugins.

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