Understanding the OpenCart Backorder Module by Knowband

The e-commerce landscape is constantly evolving, and businesses strive to stay ahead by employing the latest technologies and tools. OpenCart remains a popular choice for creating online stores among the various platforms available due to its flexibility, ease of use, and extensive range of modules and extensions. In this article, we will delve into one such essential module – the OpenCart Backorder module by Knowband.

What is the OpenCart Backorder Module?

The OpenCart Backorder Extension developed by Knowband is a powerful extension that enables store owners to manage their inventory efficiently. Further, with this module, merchants can continue to accept orders for products that are currently out of stock, giving them more control over their sales and customer experience.

Key Features of the OpenCart Backorder Plugin:

Features of the OpenCart Backorder Plugin by Knowband

Seamless Integration: 

Installing and integrating the Backorder module into your existing OpenCart store is a breeze. So, it works harmoniously with your store’s infrastructure, ensuring smooth functionality.

Out-of-Stock Notification: 

The module allows customers to subscribe to email notifications for out-of-stock products. When the item is back in stock, the subscribed customers receive an automatic notification, encouraging them to make the purchase.

Partial Order Fulfillment: 

With this feature, store owners can fulfill orders partially if some items are in stock while others are not. This way, customers get the available items promptly, promoting customer satisfaction.

Customizable Messages: 

The module enables store owners to set personalized messages for products that are out of stock. Hence, these messages can provide estimated restocking dates or any other relevant information to keep customers informed.

Bulk Update:

Managing a large inventory becomes convenient with the bulk update feature of the Backorder module. Hence, store owners can update the stock status of multiple products simultaneously.


The OpenCart Backorder Plugin is designed with SEO best practices in mind. Therefore, It ensures that your back-ordered products are visible to search engines, potentially increasing organic traffic to your store.

How to Install the OpenCart Backorder Module?

Step 1: Purchase and Download: Visit the official Knowband website and purchase the OpenCart Backorder Extension. After completing the transaction, download the module files.

Step 2: Log in to Admin Panel: Access your OpenCart admin panel using your credentials.

Step 3: Upload Files: Navigate to the Extensions > Extension Installer section and upload the downloaded module files.

Step 4: Install the Module: Once the files are uploaded, go to Extensions > Modifications and then click the refresh button to install the module.

Step 5: Configure the Module: After successful installation, go to Extensions > Modules and find the OpenCart Backorder Plugin. Click on the ‘Install’ button and configure the settings as per your requirements.

Step 6: Save Changes: Don’t forget to save your changes.

Best Practices for Utilizing the OpenCart Backorder Module:

Best Practices for Utilizing the OpenCart Backorder Module - Knowband

Honest Stock Information: 

Always provide accurate stock information to your customers. If a product is unlikely to be restocked soon, consider offering alternatives to prevent customer disappointment.

Clear Communication: 

Customize the out-of-stock messages to convey relevant information, such as expected restocking dates or alternative product suggestions.

Monitor Stock Levels: 

Regularly monitor your inventory to ensure you promptly fulfill backorders as soon as products are available.

Promote Subscription: 

Encourage customers to subscribe to back-in-stock notifications, increasing the chances of securing sales once products are replenished.

Combine with Promotions: 

During periods of low stock, consider offering special promotions or discounts to retain customer interest and loyalty.


Furthermore, the OpenCart Backorder Plugin by Knowband is an indispensable tool for any OpenCart store owner. By enabling backorders, you can maintain a smooth shopping experience for your customers, even during product shortages. The module’s seamless integration, SEO-friendly design, and customizable features make it an excellent addition to your e-commerce arsenal.

Take control of your inventory management today and enhance your customer experience by implementing the OpenCart Backorder module by Knowband!

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