Use OpenCart Pre-order Extension by Knowband to Boost Website Traffic

E-commerce is a very competitive market, and any online business must stay ahead of the competition. One effective strategy to achieve this is by using the OpenCart Pre-order Extension by Knowband. This powerful tool enables website owners to offer pre-order functionality for products that are yet to be released or are out of stock. 

Understanding the OpenCart Pre-order Extension:

OpenCart Product Advance Booking Plugin is a valuable addition to any e-commerce store running on the OpenCart platform. Further, it allows customers to place orders for products that are currently unavailable or scheduled for future release. Also, this means that even when a product is out of stock or not yet launched, customers can secure their purchase in advance. Additionally, creates a sense of exclusivity and urgency for the users for making purchases.

Meeting Customer Demands:

One of the primary reasons why the OpenCart Pre-order Module by Knowband is beneficial for increasing website traffic is its ability to meet customer demands effectively. Also, when a product is in high demand, it often runs out of stock quickly, leaving potential buyers disappointed. Further, by integrating the pre-order functionality, customers can reserve their desired products before they officially hit the market. Moreover, this not only keeps the customers satisfied but also builds anticipation and excitement around the product launch. Additionally, it encourages more people to visit the website and place pre-orders.

Generating Anticipation and Excitement:

The psychology of anticipation plays a crucial role in attracting traffic to an e-commerce website. Further, the OpenCart Product Advance Booking Module enables website owners to create anticipation and excitement among customers even before the product’s release. Moreover, by strategically promoting the upcoming products and their pre-order availability, businesses can pique the interest of potential buyers. Further, it results in increased website traffic as curious customers visit the site to learn more about the product.

Capitalizing on Out-of-Stock Products:

Out-of-stock products can lead to missed sales opportunities and dissatisfied customers. However, with the OpenCart Advance Order Extension, this issue can be turned into an advantage. When a product is out of stock, businesses can still offer it for pre-order, capturing sales that might have otherwise been lost. Also, this not only boosts revenue but also maintains customer satisfaction. This is possible with the option they have to secure the product as soon as it becomes available.

Building Customer Loyalty:

An essential aspect of increasing website traffic is building customer loyalty. Further, the OpenCart Pre-order Plugin fosters loyalty by allowing customers to be the first to access new products. Customers who feel valued and rewarded for their loyalty are more likely to revisit the website and recommend it to others, resulting in the organic growth of website traffic.

Leveraging Social Proof:

Social proof is a powerful marketing tool that influences potential customers’ buying decisions. Moreover, when a product is available for pre-order and customers start placing orders, it creates a sense of social proof, indicating that the product is in demand and worth purchasing. Further, this can lead to a domino effect where more people feel inclined to pre-order, contributing to an increase in website traffic.

Enhancing SEO and Search Rankings:

Enhancing SEO and Search Rankings by Knowband's Opencart pre-order plugin

The OpenCart Pre-order Extension can also have a positive impact on the website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Also, pre-order product pages with relevant keywords can attract organic traffic through search engines. Additionally, increased website traffic signals search engines that the site is relevant and popular. This in turn potentially leads to higher search rankings for other products and pages.

Promoting Cross-Selling and Upselling:

During the pre-order process, businesses have the opportunity to showcase related products or offer upsells to customers. The OpenCart Sell Out-of-Stock Products Plugin facilitates this cross-selling and upselling process. This in turn encourages customers to explore more products and, drives more traffic to the website.


The OpenCart Pre-order Extension is a valuable tool for any e-commerce website aiming to increase traffic, boost sales, and foster customer loyalty. Further, by offering pre-order functionality for products yet to be released or out of stock, businesses can generate anticipation, and capitalize on customer demand. Moreover, with the added benefits of enhanced SEO and cross-selling opportunities, the OpenCart Pre-order Extension proves to be a powerful asset for driving overall business growth in the competitive world of e-commerce. If you need our assistance with the modules and services we provide then you can connect with us at [email protected].

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