What are the key benefits of Progressive Web Apps?

Before we start with the key benefits of having the OpenCart PWA mobile app, you should know what Progressive Web Apps (PWA) mean.

What is Progressive Web Apps?

According to PWS Lab, “Today everybody you see is on a mobile phone due to the cheap bandwidth that is available so we are quite sure an ample amount of users are on the internet and there is good news for the companies that want to develop an app without investing loads of money on native and IOS app, so for them, an ideal move would be to develop a progressive web app to provide a better user experience. Progressive web apps is an innovative technology which is a browser-based app that is developed using web technologies to provide an experience that is similar to a native app on any device and PWA lets the user operate offline and has a feature of push notification.”

Having an eCommerce PWA is more like the experience of having Twitter on your phone. On the off chance that you visit that site on your smartphone, you can introduce it on your home screen. Presently, on opening the saved Twitter site, you’ll notice that it looks and performs much the same as a local app. There’s no program window or anything. There’s no distinction in running it from an iPhone or an Android cell phone. Just sign in and you’re all set. That is a significant advantage of building your web app considering a PWA.

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

This blog talks about the key benefits of eCommerce PWA that you should know about.

eCommerce Progressive Web App (PWA) gives your store the look and feel of the app (as of local) with all the benefits of responsive websites. It is accessible for practically all programs with a quick installation facility. The front-end of the PWA Mobile App resembles an app and can likewise work offline, even with a lethargic or no internet connection. It additionally gives mobile push notifications highlights that give updates to users on an opportune premise.

Customer engagement and push notifications

Customer engagement is one of the main concerns in the current eCommerce situation. There are a few different ways through which the store admin can improve customer engagement utilizing a Progressive Web App. The store proprietors can utilize push notification features to inform about current website updates, discounts, stocks, and sales. Additionally, the “Add to Home screen” pop-up makes it simpler for customers to introduce the app immediately on the eCommerce Progressive Web App.

Enhanced security with no installation

It is critical to acquire the trust of customers with OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder. The sale is bound to improve when customers trust and depend on your PWA Mobile app. Along these lines, the app has all the security boundaries to be followed to acquire customer trust. Progressive Web App Maker for OpenCart can be handily added to the user’s mobile home screen with a couple of snaps and users can undoubtedly move away from extensive establishment measures.

Higher conversion rate

PWA for OpenCart is load fast and offers superior, and nothing like the native apps. It likewise utilizes website content effectively that decidedly impacts users and lifts conversion rates.

Consistent performance

The users can get to the Progressive Web App Maker permitting the users to get to the necessary information in any event, when they are not online or with an unstable internet connection. The PWA Mobile App works totally in those territories with an unstable internet connection and permits users to perform a few exercises on the app.

Improved search ranking

Google finds and crawls Progressive Web App (PWA) effectively and easily because each page of a web app has a one-of-a-kind URL. This implies that you can get truly necessary traffic in your web app.


eCommerce PWA is available for platforms like Prestashop, Magento 2, and WooCommerce. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App is what takes your eCommerce website to a whole new level. The store merchant can provide a seamless user-experience without installing the app on their smartphones.

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